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I still remember how it all began . Actually not much time has passed, I think that would be many years but I will know in a place where there is no time or space, strange indeed many things such as my family, friends, I was taken by the temptation and I remember my mortal life, but I can not deny that this place which I am destined to live an eternity has become very interesting to my application. With the result of the last battle I was assigned the privilege to be in any part of Ensure and Heaven, I never imagined that there was a place like this, a place where souls of the warriors who gave their lives for a just cause come to this place with the sole desire to train and become very strong and at the same time are the orders of the creator. At that time begins to shake all over the place, just walk outside the room to see what was happening, when four of us went out of the room, managed to see seven great lights as flares of different colors, 1) Dark red, 2) Orange 3) Yellow Canary, 4) Emerald Green, 5) Navy 6) Purple and 7) Lila. Are increasing in intensity as the quiver, these seven glare lights were along this dimension emerged from several kingdoms and places, these are the seven kingdoms of the names of God, 1) Malkuth, 2) Yesod, 3) Hod, 4) Netsah, 5) Tifereth, 6) Gevurah and 7) Hesed without leaving the underworld bright side, entrance to this and other world and sky, plus one of these lights was in Ensure, precisely arose in the column of the statue of the angel which is situated in the center of the square of Ensure, in front of the temple wisdom. All the old warriors who died, along with me ran directly to the square of Ensure, the thrill and thunder was unbearable at last the land and the rubble of the column arises angel figure, a man with deep eyes and evil, he felt it was full of hatred, anger and desire for a revenge, his clothes were very old and rare unknown to some extent. As the rubble is incorporated lights were gone like that thrill, everything seems back to normal, but it was clear that something had just begun to be suceder.Vemos like this begins to mourn, they are tears of blood which appear on its face, but yet unknown to us that character finally reveals: "Listen people of Ensure, my name God of the verb Haniel Netsah backdrafting the church, my brothers and I have revived by order of the creator to meet the fate that had to come to the human race, such a fate is immutable. Anyone who interferes with the plans of Los Angeles shall be punished by death he dies, I remember the dreadful words of the Lion of God a Ha started my dear Joel, the terrible wake of ngelesa a .

Beautiful Handmade Natural Soaps

One must distinguish handmade soap obtained by the traditional method, from those which are produced, also handmade, from soap industrial pasta and even waste of commercial soaps, which are fused by heat to mold with or without incorporation of other products. The traditional method, as stated, is based on the saponification of oils or fats with alkali. This means that fats or oils as raw materials are processed into soap. HANDMADE SOAPS: FASHION OR NECESSITY? A bit of history In recent years we see an increasing range of handmade soaps of all kinds as an alternative to industrial soaps. An article and use as basic as daily as we use soap for personal hygiene is something we generally know little beyond that produces foam, used for washing and may have various flavors and colors.

It is somewhat surprising that the soap already known for many centuries, though not in the way they know today. According to legend, on Mount Sapo, a hill of Rome, practiced animal sacrifice. Rain washes into the river Tiber a kind of mud made up of fat, water and ash remains of sacrifices. Roman women used to wash clothes in the river began to notice that the sludge produced and it was foam washing easier. They had discovered the soap, a word that actually comes from the name of that hill. In Italian, soap is Sapone. It took a long time before the soap was part of the personal hygiene of the Romans. As for personal hygiene products used sand, vegetable oils, milk, volcanic stones, herbs, rubbed and rubbed on the skin to remove dirt and dead cells.

Tours In Jerusalem

Israel has always been a particularly attractive destination for travelers. The flow of tourists from Europe and America in this country is increasing every year. A few years ago, a leader in the number of tourists visiting Israel were the USA, in 2010 the Russians seized the palm. According to experts, visited Israel in 2010, almost 40 per cent more Russians than the previous year. Interestingly, the demand for holidays in Israel is growing with the overall reducing the foreign trips of Russian citizens. In high demand are organized for tourists in Egypt or Jordan, tours in Israel for one day, rest at Dead Sea resorts, as well as tours to Jerusalem. The uniqueness of Jerusalem is that it is not only a center of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions, but the city, which incorporated various times, cultures and traditions.

Jerusalem is interesting both for Traveler performing pilgrimage tour to religious shrines, and for lovers of antiques. In Jerusalem, the modern buildings side by side with monuments. The city is divided into three parts: surrounded majestic ancient walled Old City, mostly populated by Arabs of East Jerusalem and inhabited mainly by Jews West Jerusalem. In the Old Town, which you can enter through one of the six gates are most of the religious sites of Jerusalem. Old Town is rightly called the open-air museum. As part of tours to Jerusalem obligatory place to visit is the Western Wall in Jewish Quarter and Western Wall. Near it is a religious service. To Christian believers the main route in the old town leads to the Way of the Cross or the road of grief Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the place where happened Christ's crucifixion.

Among the most revered Muslim shrines are located in the Old City occupies a special place the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock (Omar Mosque) and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Despite the large number frequented by tourists in the city of Jerusalem there is no problem with reception. Luxury Hotels in global hotel chains, cozy and comfortable family hotels, hostels or hotels monastery there almost every part of the city. The main part of the hotel is located, but in the western part of Jerusalem.