After reading the release list, you'll know what not to do. First step: do not let people subscribe to the mailing of your e-mail with new offers and services on your Web site If you really want make fewer sales each month, based on the Web site, you do not offer your visitors the chance to subscribe to your newsletter. Do not attempt to collect email addresses of customers with your Web site. Do not even think about doing this. Second step: Take all your advertising funds in one place. Take it all their own, and spend them in one place. Put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, to test different messages and see which of them are doing the best results, do the opposite.

Step Three: You know it all, right? If you really want to fail, do not find a role model. When you have a chance to learn from someone who is the guru and wants to help you, do not listen to them. Just try to do everything in its own way and try to "reinvent the wheel." Fourth step: Jump from one program. Be excited about a brand new business. Make fee to get started. Try a few days, and when it fails as you like, leave it. Then start looking for the next big business.

Repeat the same cycle over again. Step Five: Do not write goals One of the best way to fail is never written a short term or long-term goals. If you really want to fail, do not even think about writing your goals. Step Six: Partnerships with other negative people fail on the Internet means to take advice from people who have tried to make money before, but failed. If they tell you that you can not make money, then listen to them. They know what they say. If your Friends and family tell you that you will not succeed, then follow their advice as well. Never listen to a successful trader who is trying to teach you the methods that they used to make a good and stable income. If you follow the steps described above, you'll reach your goal. If you really want to succeed with your own business, do it just completely the opposite effect. Article prepared Web design studio

Publication Founder

When applying the founder, who is an individual who has the status of sole proprietor, you must provide a copy of the certificate of registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur; 10. The document, drawn up in any written form, which lists complete physical address (the name of the state, zip code, name of the settlement) of the founder. Co-founders, in this case indicate a single address. This document is required for any correspondence sent evidence. 11. A copy of the document, which confirms the legal right to the trademark if such is available; 12. For the media erotic nature – you must provide the original model proposed Publication 13.

In that case, if the application is a foreign legal entity – must provide copies certified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the apostille, the document is the founder and documents representative of the legal entity in Russia; In re the media, the following documents: 14. Original certificate of registration of mass media, with the former, 15. In case of change of the founder required documents certified in accordance with Russian legislation, the transfer of rights of the founder of the media with the consent of the founder of the new edition, that is the chief editor, 16. Charter editorial media or contract between the editors, that is, editor in chief, on the one hand, and the founder of the other; In appropriate cases, the media registration is required: 17. In the presence of the title media of words: “Russian Federation”, “Russian”, “Russia”, the derivatives of these words require a written justification for the use of these words in the title of the media; 18.

When used in the names of the media names or aliases of individuals, their derivatives, requires a written consent of their owners or heirs; 19. In the case of registration in the territory of the Russian Federation, the media, which is called the media, registered magazine issued on the territory of a foreign state, must grant permission for foreign right holders the names of the media in writing. The law provides for cases in which an application for state registration of the media is returned to the applicant indicating the reason the return, without consideration, namely: if the application for registration Media was not in that body; if the registration statement filed with the media on behalf of the founder of a person who is not endowed with such powers; if the statement does not contain all necessary information; if the registration fee is not paid. Application for registration of mass media is accepted for consideration after the elimination of all violations. Certificate of registration of mass media is recognized null and void if the parent has not begun to produce media products for one year from the date of issuance of certificate of registration.


In order not to mess with setting rater bowling in the ‘R-Keeper’ uses its own rater. At the present time, this interface is ready and tested for bowling ‘Brunswick’. And later will be supported by other manufacturers and bowling. Should pay particular attention to the fact that no cash is not a small deal with this challenge of e-government, because it can not combine in himself and the cash register, and the rater. For this purpose, necessarily need a POS. It should be noted that if someone POS is worth it when you install Billiard not necessarily change the cashier. Enough to buy a special device, and update software, which already has a rate calculator. It is cheap: for example, a control unit for 32 billiard tables worth about $ 400 (set of good cues for billiards is worth $ 500-600, and good food – a few thousand) …

At the same time using the device restaurateur decides to several problems: speed up the computation time, increase throughput, the impact will be much higher data electronically will be much easier to handle. Plus, the system will display statistics – reports the percentage of occupancy, turnover … Spectrum usage rate calculator is not limited to bowling and billiards. Rater – any rate according to certain rules sold at the time of the resource. Therefore be used to it if desired in various fields. Club sistemyKlubnye systems are an important tool to attract new and retain loyal customers.

Club system can operate as a local credit system, which eliminates the use of cash payments, as well as a system of club membership with the possibility of providing various discounts. One of the main features of the club system is the ability to recognize customers through loyalty cards. User has no real information about those customers, which provide the largest percentage of profit. Such customers may be encouraged in various ways institution to ensure that they return to this place and brought their friends. One of the varieties club system can be technology “map at the entrance.” With this scheme, the visitor can register at the entrance, get personalized card and pay it on account of outlets institution. Payment for services rendered produced at the output, providing detailed information to the client. This technology eliminates the access of staff to the cash, which minimizes the loss of facilities in the field of sales.


I discovered someone had a flat for sale which needed some redecoration which would only incur a minimal investment.

So together we looked flat and talked. Although, saying basically just me, but he kept saying something about not wanting to invest. I still thought he was a strange man, because Customers are usually told what to do, but in this case, I said, not him. In general, we decided that I must meet the cash limit set by them, ie, a certain amount. I told him that I take over the supply of materials 10% of the price. Delivery of materials – a service that unnecessarily have to use a lot of time and knowledge of materials. He agreed. Asked him to wait a day, and maybe another, as I have limited time for preparation of contract. It was necessary to decide something at the other sites. So, in other words the moral of the story is, no matter what you do, for business or pleasure, make sure you always have a legally-binding contract.