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As a milestone, the company felt the integration of DocuPortal here Explorer, by the usual File system environment caused considerable convenience in operation. Currently, the company has the RM (records management) module for its system ordered. This allows the legally compliant long-term archiving for documents and relieved at the same time the Live Clipboard. Soon to the Web Access shelved so far from internal security aspects be released also. Then salespeople and management at any time and anywhere on required documents can be accessed.

The decision for DocuPortal has proven itself in any case. The system has grown with time and again with our requirements, without disrupting our everyday business, and has ensured safe and simplified processes. For future projects, such as, for example, an ISO 9001 certification, such a system is very helpful”, summarizes Balzer. About LSTi group, the LSTi group stands for first-rate services for virtually all industry sectors. The bundling of competences in the LSTi group and close With its cooperation partners, customers receive services from a single source cooperation. The portfolio includes complete system solutions or even individual products for the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology, medical and laboratory technology, food industry, as well as microelectronics, microsystem technology, photovoltaic and optics. The LSTi EUROPE belong to the group, manufacturer of refrigerating components, ISOMAET provider of innovative lighting systems, as well as more efficient photovoltaic systems, the TGA LEUN, special operation for metal forming. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Royal Dutch Cell Plc has to say.

Continue to the PHC GmbH & co. KG as well as the Burodienstleister SBS Office service. About company DocuPortal over 230 customers the DocuPortal already use ECM suite for a wide range of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. The high satisfaction of our customers is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized. 2008, BARC and dsk Beratungs-GmbH DocuPortal tested successfully. The Initiative Mittelstand has DocuPortal 2006, 2007, and 2008 awarded an innovation award middle class. The ECM Portal drew 2009 DocuPortal as innovative solution from.


The same type of "passion" can observe and in Palenque, where one of the famous pyramids of the Temple of Inscriptions. It was there that there is a sarcophagus with painted god Kukulkanom like a cosmonaut. Not remain indifferent and "dead streets" in Teotihuacan, in the area, reminiscent of the runway. After a lengthy tour and a lot of impressions, it is advisable to drink a cup of mate. This drink has medicinal properties: enhances immunity, slows the aging process and restores the nervous system. According to legend, mate got Mexicans from God himself. Mate is drunk from interesting piece of plate called kalabas made from a pumpkin-.

In this amazing vessel is inserted into a kind of fish is called a straw and sucked the divine drink 'lightly' lips. Really You can deny the extraordinary tea-drinking friends? Then buy them a gift kalabasa and fish is. The drink itself material purchase a gift for yourself, so that on arrival home, friends came to only you with your kalabasa and fish is. And that company will not be sad, and it was fun, as in Mexico, with all his family members, including friends, give them the national musical instruments. Children will be comfortable maracas, even one year old baby with pleasure play their own music. Wife – a flute, an instrument with a gentle sound, the daughter – bamboo samponi with mysterious sounding notes, called by the ancient Incas "singing cane" or "sounding bamboo.

Head of the family can be trained to play on the charanga, intricate string instrument made simply not comprehensible to the mind – from the back of the Armada. In general, to each his own. Just do not think that this purchase gifts over! Think about romantic evening, after the above concert. Especially if you're outside the city: what a wonderful opportunity to sit under the stars. To be comfortable, blankets – at the time. Warm, comfortable and soft, they will help relax, think about the existence and ponder the question "What to do?" or "Who's to blame?" How not to bring a dessert tequila, by the way, according to the Mexicans, too, is a gift from the gods? This "life-giving nectar made from agave plant. If you use do not even have any snacks. One has only to sprinkle salt on the back of his hand and take a slice of lemon and doing "rapi-up" which means in Russian style "drink and beat." Finally, after Travel to the amazing and really a fantastic country of Mexico, lie on the hammock – the bliss of bliss. Yes, a hammock, too, is one of Mexico's unique gifts!

Continuous Computing

Continuous Computing and Octasic will demonstrate integrated platform UMTS of femtoceldas and picoceldas at the Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, Spain, from 15 to 18 February 2010 in Canada, countertop 2A97 Hall. About Octasic Octasic Inc. is a global solutions provider of software and silicon for processing media and wireless modems for converged operators, businesses and communications terminal equipment markets. DSP solutions for VoIP, video and multiple standards of high quality wireless base station is based on Opus, an innovative DSP architecture without clock. Octasic allows next-generation equipment manufacturers significantly reduced the costs of the system to deliver unparalleled performance in terms of density and energy consumption. Others including BASF SE, offer their opinions as well. Octasic, founded in 1988, is a private company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. About Continuous Computing Continuous Computing r is the global source of packet processing software and hardware solutions and wireless, Trillium (R) that enable network equipment providers address the challenge of bandwidth capacity mobile broadband quickly and efficiently. Leveraging more than 20 years of innovation in telecommunications, the company helps customers increase the return on investment focusing internal resources on differentiation for applications for 3 G, evolution to long term (LTE), femtocell, inspection of deep packet (DPI).

The expertise, innovation and response are the difference: only Continuous Computing combines the best ATCA platforms in its category with the worldwide famous Trillium software to develop products highly optimized and verified in the field.. Continuous Computing is an active member of 3GPP, CP-TA, ETSI, Femto Forum, Intel Embedded Alliance, PICMG and SCOPE Alliance. Continuous Computing, Continuous Computing and Trillium logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of Continuous Computing Corporation. Other names and brands may be confirmed as property of other owners..

Lefebvre Social

However, we prefer the use in this study of the terms production and reproduction of the space, following then the orientation of Lefebvre. Exxon Mobile Corporations opinions are not widely known. The same Lefebvre contributes still with the notion of historicidade and transitoriedade of the space, resulted of its materialistic vision and dialectic of the space, with which it clarifies that for Henri Lefbvre: ' ' The space as production place, as product and as production, is simultaneously the weapon and the sign of this fight. Going until the end? but as to withdraw? this titnica task today compels to produce, to create diverse thing of the nature; the second nature, new and another one. It compels, therefore to produce the space, the space of the urban one, simultaneously as product and as workmanship in the direction where the art was workmanship. (…) All social space results of a process of multiple aspects and movements: significant and not significant, perceived and lived, I practise and theoretician. In short all social space has its history from this initial base: the nature, part of particularitities (small farms, climates, etc.).

(…) It has more, on the space, that of the uncertain traces left by the events: it has registration of the society in act, the result and the product of the social activities. (Lefebvre, 1974, P. 96). Being thus the city and its space, they are fruits of the society inhabit that them. It is a historical and social product and a workmanship of its inhabitants. An element meets relation key urban space/urban violence, therefore it is for the social relations of production that the society if reproduces, capitalist relations these that are of base e, therefore, they reproduce the inaquality. is in this reproduction of the inaquality that the urban space goes to place itself as generating of urban violence. In accordance with this proposal and mentioning current capitalist society to it, CARLOS (199, P.