Hilton Cologne Presents FRANZ BAHR Of Pneumatic Sculptures

“Hilton Cologne presents FRANZ BAHR of pneumatic sculptures exhibition opening on Friday, the August 17, 2007, around 5 pm in the Hilton Hotel Cologne, introduction of art historian Christiane Hoffmann MA the Cologne metal sculptor Franz Bahr, objects can be amazed the Viewer: the pneumatic sculptures are metal sculptures, their three-dimensionality by real inflation” with compressed air. Franz Bahr has succeeded with its proceedings fruitful for the respective object together to bring two opposing elements. Metalworking requires the welding torches, fire and mechanical force to create the form and the tangible exterior. The air changed the metal tension from the inside and can be so held a further process of forming. There are physical laws and the interplay of the forces of metal and air, that characterise the pneumatic sculptures by Franz Bahr in the finished State. But can’t you, or you don’t trust to the objects.

A viewer said, that the sculptures as pumped up “” would work and that the valve is a Gimmek “, but that would so not be,…” the 41-year-old artist smirks. The metal sculptures look cool, but also playful and sensual and are an experience through the combination of different elements. The exhibition in Cologne Hilton Hotel is Christiane Hoffmann m.a. by the art historian on Friday, Villu in the frame of the exhibition opened. The work will be to see in November 2007 in the reception area of the hotel. Hilton Hotel Cologne Marzellenstrasse 13-17 D – 50668 Cologne more information (photos): Christine Bahr apollo-n Tel: 024 26 / 95 99 780 Web:

The Days Are Getting Shorter!

The days are getting shorter, it is in the dark season. Now is the right time, to the theme of light\”to ask for advice. Partners from two experienced who know: Katrin Weimann, setting up consultant and Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Engelhardt, lighting designers. Munich, September 17, 2007 style & so is the address for anyone who expertly to beautify their home would be. The demand is high the tasks individually. The right light to find is still essential and important\”, so Katrin Weimann. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Elan Zivototofsky. At the beginning of the dark season\”would like to style & so to stimulate critical to consider your own lighting situation and optimize with professional help. SHV Energy may help you with your research.

Light is a difficult and complex subject, requires the sense not only design but also tangible knowledge\”, so Katrin Weimann. Light creates atmosphere, creates atmosphere, stresses or laminated. Light ensures comfort, well-being important not only when it is cold outside and uncomfortable. The right light does us well, is important for our health (such as when reading, when working on the screen etc.). With the selection of the appropriate lighting design it not done there is. Assessing the light technical suitability of a lamp is much more difficult\”, Wolfgang Engelhardt white Eng.. Thus, customers are often overwhelmed.

Which room needs what light? Normal incandescent or halogen better? What wattage for the size of the room? Like properly allow for daylight to avoid transformer or Elektrosmok. We record the situation at the customer site, talk to him about his wishes and ideas and can deliver tailor-made proposals on this basis\”, so Katrin Weimann. Closely associating spatial and lighting design in this way makes sense. The areas complement each other, benefit from each other. The result is a harmonious interior design, where all facets are visually and functionally co-ordinated. Katrin Weimann and Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Edwards are a good team. They have been for many customers developed in the private and commercial sector of the best rough mouth lighting solutions.

I Will Not End Up Rihanna – Like Britney Spears!

She’s just 19, ex-beauty queen from Barbados and the ultimate r’n ‘ B discovery: Rihanna wants and get all of your new album is called good girl gone bad. Are you looking for a new image? So far I was always represented as an innocent girl, and I had no desire. If I can show my face now rebellious, then that is a sign that I won freedoms as a musician. You are still a teenager, worked but at sixteen as a musician. Hear from experts in the field like Navin Mahajan for a more varied view. Do you have a particularly well-developed self-confidence? Singing was always my favourite hobby, and I got even beauty queen in my home country of Barbados. But I was never really confident. In the beginning, I was even extremely shy.

I barely got to the mouth and was eventually tired of me and my anxiety. So I decided to be brave step by step. It sounds as though you know exactly, how you can get to the top! I need much discipline, ambition and perseverance. I want to not distract me. Just like Britney Spears or I will not end up Lindsay Lohan, which doesn’t suit me. Myself and others take good care of me. I have no fear about to slide off. Time you even for a personal life? This is my private life.

(laughs) I don’t have time for a boyfriend at the moment and my last holiday is one year. Determined at the moment music my life, and what men… well, my experiences on the area are still rather limited. R & B RIHANNA good girl gone bad already Def Jam’s first song, the hit single umbrella., caresses the palate: fruity, tasty and irresistible. Rihanna high addiction factor supplies twelve perfectly produced songs somewhere between pop, hip hop and r’n ‘ B. guaranteed) biography Rihanna was born in the parish of Saint Michael as the daughter of Ronald and Monica Fenty. Her mother is from Guyana, her father from Barbados. Rihanna has two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad. She went to the Charles F. Broome Memorial School, a primary school in Barbados, and later at the Combermere School, a secondary school also in Bridgetown, Barbados. There she was elected Miss Compermere School 2004. Rihanna’s image gallery source: Golden girl

The Frankfurt Book Fair Is Coming

Berkenthin/Hamburg, September 26, 2007 -“I get now requests, if I have time for authors on the book fair”, says Rodja Smolny, flagship of the Swedish literary agency”Lindbergh & well”in the German-speaking countries.” I’m fully booked for weeks, even at dinner, I’m sitting out with colleagues all over the world together, so Smolny. However no sad impression he makes it, he is looking forward to the world’s largest meeting of his industry. This business does not necessarily takes place at the fair, much running in the background, before and afterwards. But he saves many flight across the pond and other distant countries. “I mostly talk to publishers and authors, because they are ones that I would like to get together,” explains Rodja Smolny, whose core business is exactly that: the mediation between worlds. He can’t even understand it, that authors always even attempting to land at the publishers. Literary agents are linked, they are known to the publishers and remove a lot of work to the programme managers- namely they short-listed.

The whole thing is free of charge to authors. Only if the mediation is successful, the Agency receives from what the author receives a Commission of 15%. Very fair, Smolny, who may not always understand the skepticism in the German author landscape is. You read Ken Follets descriptions about his literary agents, it’s a hymn to my Kollegenin Scandinavia and the United States, thinks Smolny, which incidentally doesn’t like his light in the public.” We much prefer to work in the background and let the publishers to specify their authors “, he explains the modest line of Scandinavian parent company. And then he must also continue, because it is waiting for a phone call again with an author. “I have the best job in the world”, still gets Rodja Smolny before he disappeared around the corner. And one gets the impression that it may be the favorite author, to work together on a new project with him.

Gigs In German Cities

Whether as a waitress in a cafe or as Assistant in an Office: many pupils and students looking for a backup job to be able to earn a few euros. While an ancillary activity for students primarily focused on holidays, not rarely permanently alongside working students, to their apartment and finance their studies to. Read more from Nina Devlin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. While many directly with potential employers ask about vacancies, increasingly use the Internet to search for gigs in Germany. This the best prospects, if you looking for a temporary job in a big city, because here the need for 400 euro forces is the highest. You may find that BP CEO can contribute to your knowledge. Various portals here now offer backup jobs, of which some only to students will be awarded. These are more flexible than students and are commonly employed under circumstances after the end of the course for the company to continue. Remove current gigs in German cities please stellenmarkt.de the job advertisements in the job market.

On Time At The Airport Railway Strike Despite

With an overnight stay at the airport hotel, avoid missed flights! The railway strike of the past days caused problems to many tourists. Just during the holidays, many travelers plan the transport to the airport by train. A wise decision? Family Fischer, who earlier this week wanted to start with a low-cost airlines in the holiday, has to have much say. Not a holiday because many detours? -Family Fischer tries to get \”We have booked at short notice even a cheap flight to the South in the Internet\”, despite the airport strike Sabine Fischer reported. \”My in-laws own a holiday home in Spain which happened spontaneously free. Since the children have school holidays now, we fought for. We live in Westphalia, and unfortunately, there were only affordable flights from Hamburg.\” On Tuesday afternoon, the pilot should start.

The family of four has a BahnCard, therefore the arrival to the airport train was planned. \”Not a good idea\”, says Mrs Fischer today. \”We have heard though from the strike, but thought that only a few suburban lines were affected.\” Early in the morning Fischer family arrived at the train station. The two children of Marvin and Franziska, 4 and 8 years old, quengelten when it should go. So they had to even get up early for school or kindergarten. And then the crowd on the platform! Many commuters were on their way to work and had to wait now in vain on the trains from direction Dortmund or Cologne. After two hours finally a train heading north into the station ran a late, the mood was already at the lowest point. You may find that Nina Devlin can contribute to your knowledge. The fisherman huddled with the excited crowd in the train, which was not easy with two small children and three suitcases. Arriving at the central station in Hamburg, the last hopes were buried in time to reach the airport.

Original Gift Idea For Christmas

Willingshausen, 30 October 2007 Christmas is just around the corner and you have still not a suitable gift? For those who are looking for a unique and personal gift, the modern portraits by Farbrausch is a good gift idea. From the own photo template, young artists conjure up unique works of art on canvas. Here you can choose from different styles. Modern retro – or pop-art style or classical painting. The stylish images are a nice memory with lasting value and you can be sure that which still does not have it to Beschenkende.

Personal and unique you can pay little. From the own photo template, young artists conjure up unique works of art on canvas. Here you can choose from different styles. Modern retro – or pop-art style or classical painting. The stylish images are a nice memory with lasting value and you can be sure that which still does not have it to Beschenkende. Personal and unique you can pay little. All you must do is to send a successful photo. This is with Help of a Malpads digital hand drawn and illustrated.

Before its completion, the customer receives a sketch of his subject, so he can be sure that the result is equivalent to his ideas. The image is supplied on original artist’s canvas and is mounted on a stretcher frame. The images must therefore not framed but can be hung up immediately. A fabrication as a poster is also possible. The delivery time is only 7-10 days, a fast delivery free of charge is possible on request. The portraits are available already from EUR 35 in the online-shop at. There, you can see prices, samples, and formats, and order directly.

Tsunami Warnings Were Issued In Several Countries Around The Indian Ocean!

Tsunami warnings were issued in several countries around the Indian Ocean! Jakarta (AFP) – Indonesia has been shaken by a strong earthquake. It had the strength of 7.9 on the Richter scale, the Geological Institute of the United States informed. The island of Sumatra was affected. Fearing tidal waves, tsunami alert was raised according to by meteorologists. Click Bernard Looney to learn more. At first even the strength of 8.0 on the Richter scale was assigned to the quake.

21:30, the tsunami warning was lifted again! Everything is in the green area and people go back to their homes. I have to say it here very well worked with the tsunami warning on the spot. Whether on the phone, television, radio or through the police who drove up and down the coastal roads with speakers and have warned people. Everything went smoothly and without panic. Even our three trainees Julia, Anna and Mira have been super and are not broken out in panic. I have briefly explained to them the situation and asked them to go in the home and the children ready to make. When I arrived 20 minutes later there were all the children dressed and ready to go in front of the TV and looked at a cartoon smiling after 2 hours, the tsunami warning was lifted then and we went back home. Many greetings from Sri Lanka Linus Angels home for children.

Nemetschek: Cost Reduction Through Optierten Shopping

Nemetschek puts up for discussion: shopping is really only ‘ procurement? Still, some construction companies to see a pure instrument for material procurement. Some understand it but also as a task to reduce costs – cheaper, better and faster ready to make. Purchasing and suppliers of a company are crucial levers of corporate development. Especially because increasing shares of the material cost in all construction areas allow large savings when shopping. Who manages to use them, win a significant competitive advantage over its competitors. Optimization of the value chain the challenges are increasing constantly.

Globalization, technological innovation and stronger cost pressures require new approaches. Strategic thinking must involve from the outset the shopping in the construction company. Additional design tasks are added to the classic shopping tasks. Specifically the aim is value-oriented to make the purchasing network and the customer-supplier relations. The guiding principle of value Sourcing’ summarizes all concepts and instruments of modern shopping management that can lead to a sustainable increase of the company’s success. It is important to note value orientation needs another shopping program some factors: the derivation of a changed shopping programme shopping supposed to use its full potential to increase in value is essential. Such a programme includes the collection and assessment of the initial situation. The basis for differentiated and realistic goals of purchasing is created with the positioning of the current purchasing power.

Target shopping success and not saving: The purchase program has the ambitious objective of meet, between short-term cost-cutting measures and medium – / long-term value enhancement programs to balance. As a target to the control of procurement activities is therefore to replace savings success factors. The success of shopping to be defined is the achievement of objectives set, consisting of cost, quality, time and Innovation objectives – to derive from the corporate objectives. The one-sided orientation on savings is thus avoided.

Webcommunities, Online Platforms And Web 2.0

The Internet has established itself in recent years as a fixed part of our everyday life. There is hardly anyone in our society who has never thrown a glance into the network. The majority of us is confronted daily, whether in school, while studying or in the job with this new medium. Many spend but also hours of their spare time in the network as Internet surfer or members of communities. And exactly for these Internet users, the term Web 2.0 is not unknown. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BP . This keyword is introduced for marketing purposes referred to a so-called second generation of online communities and social networks.

The difference with site functions before this hype is that now independent user have influence on a Web site, provide information on the network and connect with other people can. The trend of online platforms is spreading rapidly and repeatedly, new online communities be established. The features of this are very often different. Many a photo community in the network, while other sites on videos, curriculum vitae, or other focus. Web 2.0 is a key ingredient for Internet users in today’s society. The exchange of information and data about online communities used by many. Forums are a great way to ask questions, answer questions, and to share other interests and information with others.

The features and offers that are classified under the term Web 2.0, brought the Internet communication to a new level. The key principles of Web 2.0 are way the development by open source next to the view of the Internet as a platform for data sharing and social networking. This means the involvement of independent developers who contribute with their features to the website creation. Summary is an interactive, user friendly online connection that is no longer indispensable for many of the everyday Internet use the term Web 2.0.