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That is, if the borrower has found an apartment worth $ 35,000, the bank will give him not the promised $ 30,000, but only only $ 28,000 (80% of the purchase price). Sometimes the situation where the customer's choice apartment with an independent assessment of the bank below its estimated market value (the seller's claim). In this case, the bank will agree to give credit only to 80% (70%) of the appraised value. Then, the borrower must either find the missing money to buy their own or look for another apartment. 8. Fear itself – the bank itself has always insure! When buying an apartment through mortgage banks require the following types of insurance: insurance – property rights – property – life and disability of the borrower. All insurance costs shall be the borrower.

In this case, fear is not the risk of borrower, and the risks of the bank, and If the insured event all payments will be made exactly in favor of the bank. If desired, the borrower can insure their risks, but for this he will have to pay separately. 9: Let the bank take care of itself. If the bank goes bankrupt, its assets accrue to the creditors. But the fate of the borrower is not reflected. Borrower just changing "beneficiary" in favor of which he pays the remaining amount and interest. Irrespective of changes lender, the loan agreement may not be reviewed in any case. 10.

Ran out of money – do not worry! If the borrower can no longer pay the required amount, the bank will not take all at once. Paying interest on the loan For several years, the borrower has time to recover some of the bank loan. In addition, there are more money you make as a down payment. This percentage is always in the apartment owned by the borrower. If the borrower can no longer pay contributions on a loan, bought the apartment exchanges. For the borrower to buy housing on the amount that he has made, and the surcharge goes to debt repayment to the bank.

The Purpose

the target strategy in this step is to define the relevant objectives and the desired optimum target situation. These questions can be: which product and service quality do we offer which customers at what points of contact in the future? With what resources we want to achieve these service levels? In what way? With what priorities? Which action scenarios are there? To increase the number of contact points? Or reduced? Can be developed where the best word of mouth and referral potential? Most effectively help us what customer groups or target people can? In what way? How should in particular the key contact points are optimized Active buying and Word of mouth-compliant? 3. to do plan this step involves the planning and implementation of appropriate measures mixes of that leads from the actual situation to the target situation. These questions can be: who makes what from/to when what your budget? What resources need to be deployed be? What timelines are appropriate and feasible? How can what we do, and most importantly, how we do it, cause a tell a friend? How can what we do, and most importantly, how we do it, generate recommendations? In what form can the customer are all actively involved? This is – together with the employees – to plan and then implement. A so-called quick win’, so a measure that promises a quick success, should be at the top of the list.

Because it inspires. 4 step: the control and optimization of this involves the measurement of results for the purpose of further optimization of processes. Questions can be about: on what criteria do we measure our customer contact performance? What metrics do we collect on how how often and to whom? Be determined in particular the willingness of the recommendation as well as the ultimate financial ratio, namely the recommendation rate? How is the knowledge documented and discussed with the staff? Who is in charge as the necessary process improvements a? So, decision-makers get a practical navigation system, which allows customer-related measures be transparent and controllable with the customer touch point management. ated topic.

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The third point of the navigation is the core area of Swaki: repair. Here to post and find the user repair instructions to different products. These instructions can in the form of text including images or be created as a video tutorial. Video instructions simply upload the user on YouTube. The link to the video is then simply inserted when creating the Guide. High level of user friendliness and easy communication in the development of the platform the user-friendliness played an important role.

The three main areas of are therefore closely linked. Each applied product can link the user directly to a repair manual or a discussion. For assistance, try visiting Permira. This means that the SWAKIANER of a product in the field of information directly to the appropriate repair manual or a discussion can jump without having to search again for this product in each area. In addition to the user on the Web page the Swaki blog finds the three core areas. The blog serves as a source of information for new developments or developments of the platform. On the other hand the user there can pick up tips and tricks for the repair of products. The opportunity to post questions directly as a comment, opened another source of information, so that all questions on find an answer. About Swaki: Swaki is a repair platform, providing product information, discussion groups, and repair instructions.

Founded in may 2012, of popular enjoys today. More than 2,200 applied products and repair manuals from around 30 categories are already online. And offering thanks to the Swaki community is growing daily. Visit for more information. Contact: Christian Steiger Swaki c/o Drupaldise UG Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 170 77 29 360 email: press contact: Esther Haghighat more socialize! Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 40 228 16 210 E-Mail:

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For this purpose, car owners can use, for example, a practical online alternative to common rating systems to find out what the car is still worth. Whether inexperienced young or old car salesman should seek professional advice, not too low and not too high to set the selling price. Value factors are responsible for used cars at a glance in addition to age much more influencing factors for developing value for used cars. Car brand, age, mileage and model form the basis of the residual value of the car. Further details can be found at Fiserv, an internet resource. In addition, other factors such as the condition, the features but also the paint are crucial. Also special equipment, such as a factory, building in addition when purchasing a new car navigation system of course affects the value of the car. Addition there are many other factors such as the current demand for the particular model on the used car market, new releases of similar vehicles or deadlines such as the turn of the year. Increasing the impact of car rental companies, which sell years again after a very short period of one to three, very cheap shopping new cars thanks to large volume discounts.

For the driver itself, it is almost impossible, a sufficient overview of the performance of your car to keep. It is all the more important for the used car sales to obtain a professional opinion and valuation. Companies such as specialize in the evaluation, assessment and the purchase of used cars and provide the necessary support to car owners. More and more people look online for support and help with the sale of the car. Perhaps check out WWD Summit for more information. Already in determining value, the online offerings can be a practical help. David Neumann

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These keywords tell him the engine of search that directs buyers bags or sports to your site. Step 2: List your site on all search engines. For this step, you simply need to navigate in Google, Altavista, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Click on your service page to the client, where allows you to builders and owners of websites manually submit your sites addresses. Step 3.

Fill your site of many interactive features. This can be done through articles, newsletters, offers, promotions and discounts. Give your visitors a reason to stay on your site once they are there. More important still, gives them reasons to return and tell their friends about your site. Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising on the planet. Without hesitation Deloitte explained all about the problem.

Step 4. Banner exchange with friends and with other companies that do business. The banners are eye-catching designs on the top and bottom part of the Web pages. They are like the highways of Internet posters. But with these ads online, a simple click transports visitors directly to your website. Step 5. Exchange Web links with friends and business partners. This could be the most important means to drive traffic to your Web site. All major search engines measure the range of visits through links. How many pass in and out of your website. In this way, you may attract a significant number of qualified to your website visitors free of charge, depending on clear is, constancy and daily time devoted to these promotional activities. In any way you should keep in mind that the best measure is the present well in searches of the Internet navigators. In other words, these links can be the difference between that place this list on page 20 of Google search results, or on page 1. Some of the sites classified with more experience in the market now offer Web links in their ads. These links give you the option to take it right to the home page of your business. These links not only they are convenient for more customers to click and can get to your site, but it can also boost your search engine rankings of course, there are other techniques which have been written complete books, which are the techniques pay as PPC or pay per click. But if you are making inroads into the exciting world of the Internet business, well it is worth always begin along this path. Just think of the more than 250 million active users worldwide, which generate more than 1.95 billion in annual sales. Surely you can get to where you want with your Web site. Visit: Original author and source of the article

Lake Volkermarkter

The small tourist center is some hundred meters away from the Strandhotel Seeblick”of the place. You in the quality is met there just to the ice toes have Italian, Character had, or listening to music, which gave the band a life to be the best. Small, gregarious and fine there is, simply for the love. The climate is Mediterranean, to indicate it’s not uncommon that you can stroll in the evening dressed. The most hours of Sun in Austria has this area and the warmest Lakes. In the summer of drinking water-clear lake is warm as 28 degrees, and when we mid-September there were, we swam still in 24 degrees warm water.

the Lake Klopeiner see southern Carinthia holiday region offers more of everything. Families, active and enjoy leisure refuel new energies in the unique landscape of the Lake between the Klagenfurt basin, the Karawanken mountain range, the sow and the Koralpe. in St Kanzian of Schulstrasse 8 found the forest adventure world, where always busy and on 3 levels. High above the tree tops that meet world, scrambling in the foxhole, or are lost in the giant maze that all this and much more is possible here. The nature game park on over 20,000 m sq is all heart later beat. A nature trail with seven interactive stations are to be taught in a playful way about the forest and its inhabitants. “ coming on board and enjoy a romantic boat trip on Lake Volkermarkter”, as the brochure promised us. With the MS Magdalena, we set out to sea on the sun deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery with coffee and cake.

The MS Magdalena is the new flagship navigation on the river Drava. It has a ship its own gastronomy with professional crew. Treats of each kind of the summer ice-cream creations, a small lunch, individual buffets or romance make the shipping pleasure perfect dinner.

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‘Who will suffer additional costs and damages, including the cost of replacement tickets and transfers and hotel accommodation from a contract of carriage not performed, can claim these to his contract partner’, Bartholl says. Air passengers in Europe are also legal and claims from the passenger Regulation No. 261 / 2004 available. Whether there provided compensation in the amount of 250 to 600 euros in cases of flight cancellations and denied boarding are available to those affected, must be tested in each individual case. Cowan Financial can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also passengers in the event of cancellations and denied boarding have the right, the cost of a replacement flight by the airline get replaced.

After the sometimes violent reactions by consumers in Spain and the United Kingdom, which had booked flights with Ryanair via third-party, even the European Commission was forced to intervene. The spokesman of the Commission, ton van LIEROP, urged Ryanair to respect all registered flight bookings and to serve passengers. Ryanair’s approach toward European passengers was “pathetic”. In addition, the Commission by Ryanair asked finally to bring transparency in their pricing. For more information see this site: Ernst & Young. The issue of third-party providers and resellers of tickets have to do with other airlines such as EasyJet and Flybe. The budget airline easyJet said you would prohibit the sale of airline tickets online portals. Many Ryanair customers feel little happy these days.

Yvonne Heitmeyer for network air passenger rights travel law attorney Jan Bartholl your partner in travel and air traffic rights contact: lawyer Jan Bartholl contacts in the travel, flight and air traffic law and current information at currently email: info (at) telephone: 01803/505415-365249 the law firm Bartholl advises consumers, travellers, and passengers to Legal questions about the entire jurisdiction of the travel, flight and air traffic rights. See the website of the law firm reports and information on topics can be found as: passenger rights in Europe, case off-what do I do?, how do I assert my claims against tour operator optimally?, luggage loss, flight delay, flight cancellation and the legal consequences. The address is. Lawyer Jan Bartholl serves clients on legal details, discusses the possibilities in any particular case with each customer together and examines how. The firm Bartholl in Munster’s work is based on trust, confidentiality and liability.

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MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT professional) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer): The MCITP course stands as well as the MCPD rate at the professional level of the Microsoft certifications. These certifications confirm comprehensive knowledge and skills in a technical field such as design, project management, operations management or planning. This professional level certifications can be used both by candidates as well as human resources managers as reliable proof of suitability for a specific task pane. MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect): The MCA course is industry expert in the field of IT architecture. Add to your understanding with Towerbrook Capital Partners. These experts have at least ten years experience in the IT industry, have at least three years of practical experience as an IT architect and have profound technical and managerial skills. Our new Microsoft certifications make it easier IT professionals to certify their skills on the market”, says Alex Key, area sales manager Western Europe, Microsoft learning. The structure is ideal for HR managers, specifically looking for training for their employees or that need to assess, what professional qualifications are already exists.” Each certification is available for different Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista. Firebrand training offers more than twenty professional courses of the new certification series.

“About Firebrand training ( firebrand training, formerly training camp, is leading provider of IT intensive courses and management courses, which according to the method of accelerated learning” be taught. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for learning solutions and offers its course offer Microsoft certifications including MCSE and MCSA in the framework as well as Certifications of other reputable vendors such as Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, Novell, Sun, EC-Council, ISACA, ITIL, (ISC) 2, PMI and LPI. Firebrand training was founded in the summer of 2001 by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in the UK as a training camp. Stefano was once even students an accelerated learning in the United States and the learning approach estimated such high quality, that he decided to establish itself as a company in England.

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With over 2,900 employees, investments in a total of 34 companies in 22 countries and 54 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG implemented 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Shanghai and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Alfons thrust corner: Alfons Schuhbeck, 1949 born in Traunstein, Upper Bavaria, Germany, completed his teaching and travelling in Salzburg, Geneva, Paris, London and Munich. After the school Bad Reichenhall such prestigious addresses like Feinkost Kafer, Alois Dallmayr and restaurant belong to the stations by Eckart Witzigmann’s Aubergine. in 1980 he took over the parental Kurhausstuberl in waging am see and was awarded 1983 for his culinary art with a Michelin star, which he holds since then. In 1989, the GaultMillau gourmet guide honored Schuhbeck as chef of the year”, followed by many more honors and awards. Alfons Schuhbeck in Munich Platzl cooks since 2003. In addition to the restaurant, Schuhbecks in South Tyrol Stuben he operates in the historic heart of Munich a – awarded recently by the GaultMillau “Cooking school 2008” cooking school, an ice cream parlor, the Orlando spice shop, chocolate shop, bar, catering service and since December 2007 the bistro-Cafe Orlando. Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross head corporate communications herbal Wilhelmstrasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: network integrated communication Sabine Jokl Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email: for questions or photographs of Alfons Schuhbeck: Shoe’s spices GmbH marketing / press Isabelle Gunzler Platzl 4a 80331 Munich E-Mail:

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Apparently a delicacy for whale sharks, the high-protein power diet out of the warm water day and night with her up to 6,000 litres of water per foot full hour suck and from strain thousands of about 10 cm long beard-like flakes – from their five lateral Gill slits on the so-called gill nets. Like all other sharks whale sharks have teeth, about 3000, which is however unclear benefit and function. The gentle giants belong to the 3 stirred among the sharks (the other two are the basking shark and the basking mouth). But in contrast to the giant sharks, whale sharks are active filter feeders. You actively create a suction and filter the food, mostly plankton, but also small crabs, smaller and larger fish such as sardines, mackerel, and even small tuna, then back off. While they swim directly on the surface, sometimes even in a vertical position.

But the impression here be dull eating machines at work, greatly deceives. It is believed that their brain with the help of special receptor cells at the same time accepts numerous environmental: mechanical, electrical, chemical and Visual stimuli. Nobody know until today, on how get the whale sharks for their annual meeting, works like the internal clock that allows them to arrive at the same time in the same place, nor where exactly they are the remainder of the year. It is also unclear whether at the regional meeting in fact animals of the same species gather, or whether there are separate populations. Also in the dark, information available about their life expectancy, their development up to sexual maturity or their mating behavior.

Quite apart from the fact that no one knows how many of these giants there at all. All people umwitterten their secret meeting the sea travellers will be doomed. Because they do not fear the people as an enemy, behave opposite even completely peaceful divers and touch, they are easy prey for fishermen who have seen it on their precious fins and their hot whitish flesh.