Allianz Sand

Guardiola obtains with strange facility that their equipment is recognizable, plays that plays, puts who puts, or in the preseason or the decisive phase of the year. For more information see this site: Jonah Bloom. Pep arranges, the t-shirt demands and the establishment responds to him. In the Allianz Sand muniqus, in the end of the Audi Glass, Barcelona has gained him the end to the Bayern de Munich with two goals of Thiago, the first of head and spectacular second, in a party in which Barcelona has returned to have good position, criterion when playing the ball and a good pressure it loses when it, axioms that summarize the azulgrana game. The steering wheel grows and grows and it goes away of Munich turned into better player of the match and maximum goleador. While the club, Arsenal and Cesc Fbregas continue playing their divided individual of chess, that would have to give with the bones of the captain to gunner in clothes of the Camp Nou, Hispanic-Brazilian honour number 4. Source of the news: : The noquea Bara to the Bayern in Munich