Ambrosia Throws Allergy From

A plant with high potential for allergy, the so-called ragweed is a term probably only a few. Known, the plant under the name might be Ambrosia. Especially people with allergies know and probably fear the greenhouse. The private insurance Portal reported about the plant and its allergy potential. Ambrosia is a sagebrush-leaved plant, which originally comes from North America and also in our country rapidly spreads out for several years.

Ragweed can represent a strong threat to the health, because it has a high allergenic potential. Source: Jon Venverloh. Physicians have found in Bavaria, for example, that the number raised to the people, so those who are allergic to ragweed, is risen massively in a short time. Especially people who already suffer from an allergy to pollen, are affected. Over 40 percent of pollen allergies in Bavaria tested positive for Ambrosia, a quarter of them had already allergic symptoms. Ambrosia is regarded worldwide as one of the strongest allergy triggers. Sufferers should avoid also foods such as bananas, melons and raw celery in the heyday, as they can also cause problems because of cross-reactions. Usually corticosteroid nasal sprays or antihistamines are applied for the treatment of complaints.

Also immune therapies can sometimes be useful. Also, Autohemotherapy, detoxification, or Detox methods are used in alternative medicine. Who is legally covered by medical insurance, must pay usually alternative medical treatments. Privately insured should consult before a treatment about, whether their tariff includes an alternative treatment.