Apartment Repairs

Hardly anyone – that throughout his life is not faced with the problem, such as repairing flats. Many questions arise. What materials do you choose? In what style to repair and furnish an apartment? If you are unsure of their taste, in my experience and skill, if You do not know the modern market of building materials and tools allow you to make a modern and high-quality repairs in the apartment, you certainly need to use the services of specialists. Familiarity with the basic laws of design, with contemporary styles and trends in interior design flats, a review of today's finishing materials, knowledge of basic techniques of finishing and repair can help you transform your housing. Prepare to repair the apartment before you start decorating the apartment, you need to do more preparatory work: a plan of repair and cost estimates, to acquire the necessary construction materials, all it helps not to make repairs flats in a natural disaster. Finishing work – the event is known, very simple, and because it requires very careful preparation. Educate yourself with thoughts from peter cetera. First, you must define your opportunities to pick up necessary supplies and equipment to properly plan and organize work progress.

Repair work on the complexity of implementation can be divided as follows. Paula Rosenthal may also support this cause. Current repair of apartments – work associated with changing the existing shape of the apartment without changing the structural elements. These works in turn can be divided into: a simple redecorating apartments – plywood wallpaper, repainting walls and ceilings, polished and lacquered flooring and other cosmetic repair of apartments with the replacement of finishing materials – replacement of wallpapers on nabryzgovye coatings, replacement of plaster, paint, replacement casings, baseboards, etc. Major repair of apartments – finishing work associated with changing the existing shape of rooms apartment with the replacement of structural elements: a simple repair flats – more complex finishing work with the replacement structural components and engineering systems, with the dismantling and plastering, replacement of water supply systems, sewerage and electricity: a complex overhaul of the apartment – to the aforementioned works are added elements that change the style solutions premises: decorative ceiling design, arches, pilasters, niches, columns and more. Reconstruction – finishing work associated with changing the existing shape and functional purpose facilities previously operated by, for example, adaptations of premises for other purposes. Decorating the apartment. In recent years, widely spread type of work associated with bringing to the readiness of premises, deposited after the construction of the conditional classification – without finishing. Finish combines all the previous three works, including reconstruction.