Between Heaven

The new DVD by Andrea Berg – between heaven and Earth – the concert the success story of the album “Between heaven and Earth” (release date: April 2009) reads like any artist’s dream come true: number 1 in the album charts. already three weeks after publishing Platinum Award for more than 200,000 sold recordings. The tour: completely sold out. New York Highlanders follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The singles (“you should get the devil” n”and”where an Angel touches the Earth”) on number 1 and 2 in the airplay charts. In September, it has been re-released as advanced Premium Edition.

But Andrea Berg is accustomed to success this way. She is the most successful singer of in Germany, their “best of” is the longest album chart history (more than six years in the top 100!) and tickets for their concerts are always coveted. Together with producer and composer Eugen Romer succeeds in her again and again, to create musical and lyrical works of art that take millions of people in the middle of the heart. At their legendary live shows it is capable of Andrea Berg the audience to enchant like no other. And for all those the the first part of their missed tour “between heaven and Earth” -, but also and especially for those who experience this incomparable concert experience again and again want to, will be released on 13 November the concert from the Berlin O2 Arena on DVD and BlueRay disc.

Recorded on May 23, 2009 from 13 000 enthusiastic fans the DVD makes abundantly clear why the Ketterer easily fills the halls of the nation. It is not only the complete concert including say and write seven (!) Admitted, but as an extra is also a good 60-minute backstage documentary about the project “Between heaven and Earth”. Should someone get pleasure more, is also here provided for remedy: In November, Andrea Berg launches the second part of her brand new live Super show concert series with three concerts in Bamberg, Ludwigshafen and Trier, before it goes in January 2010 with many appointments including in Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Hamburg. It may be only a matter of time until the singer success again even surpasses.