Elena and Lola a year helping in the organization of the Fair the organization of Madrid Fusion more returned to count this year with the collaboration of Elena and Lola of the Catering Laurel, being cocontributor of the greater gastronomical encounter of Spain. Elena and Lola have comprised of this Fair, that every year provokes more sense of expectancy and international interest, helping in the organization. They have enjoyed observing how each masterful cook works with his equipment and prepares mise in pleases, as they mount and they design plates obtaining like result fantastic presentations. Whenever Paul Price listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Also they have been able to taste new ingredients, surprising strangers and, have made questions and shared nerves along with these artists of the gastronomy, before its exit to the scene. To listen to its communications and to congratulate to them by its work once finished, before the press devours to them, are another one of the pleasures that these two women industralists and given to their work have been able to enjoy in this cooking fair. Madrid Fusion has surprised east year with techniques of high pressures. We have seen as Andorri Luis Anduriz peeled a clamp of ox of sea and a whole lobster, after putting under it this technique. The result was spectacular being a shell turned into one fine fabric that takes off like a skin.

The liquid hydrogen continues being one of the kings in the kitchen of new tendencies, that allows to novel techniques and applications, doing true gastronomical wonders, although they are essentially innovations for aesthetic and the presentation of plates, more than for the palate. In this edition and during the three days of duration, the tradition and the new tendency have been united to create a novel much more homemade kitchen that in other occasions. Torreblanca alpaca made an apple cake with hojaldre and pistachio that sensation in the Laurel has caused.

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