Comparison System

Data processings dAmaznia. Hear from experts in the field like Boyan Slat for a more varied view. This system supplies to the responsible ones for the Municipal management, grandevariedade of managemental reports that facilitate an efficient one> control of receitae of the public charges. Michael Mendes Just Desserts: the source for more info. The objectives of this research had been directed for answer following problematic: The transference of Technological deProjetos resources of the City department of Manaus originated not the fulfilment of goals daily pay-fixadasno Budgetary System in 2007? As assumption the scientific research comprovouque the SEMPT did not fulfill the goals predetermined in the Budgetary System of 2007devido to have suffered transferences from public resources. For the attendance of the general objective osseguintes specific objectives had been determined: Verification of the Planning of the SistemOramentrio of the exercise of 2007 of the SEMPT; Comparison of the execution oramentriaem relation to the goals predetermined in the Budgetary System of the SEMPT; Identificaodas causes and the consequences of the transferences of budgetary resources dSEMPT; the Proposal of study deepened on planning, execution econtrole of the Budgetary System of the SEMPT. It stops the Public Agencies, the research is justified for estarrelacionada to the disembarrassment of the problems caused for the impact dainformatizao, would be a form to minimize wastefulnesses of recursosfinanceiros and human beings and to catalyze its potentialities, what it would seconstituiria in a so indispensable leverage, how much promising, in a pasespecialmente unbelieving one in the effectiveness and the validity of its institutions. For the SEMPT, it is a way to take care of its customers as a whole, since, not only would give to specialized jobs of computer science the end to demodernizar and to rationalize the inherent processes to the public service, as it would secertificaria of that problems, as the impacts caused for computerization, would not harm the effectiveness of the services.

The university level, the importance of this research is to deservir of instrument of support, knowledge and referencial for futuraspesquisas related to the Public Administration in the Municipal sphere, having comobase in the area of Countable Sciences, the Public Accounting based nLei n. 4.320/64. This article initiates with the Theoretical Recital discorrendosobre the Planning of the Budgetary System, the Execution of the PlanejamentoOramentrio with the Classification of the Public charges and Appropriation bill After that, the Metodolgicos Procedures are presented finally and asconcluses and recommendations. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.