Internet is part of our daily life and therefore, the perspective as conductors are themselves influenced by Internet. A new profile, and-conductors has been created. It is a new reality and we know the advantages. What makes us be and-conductor? And-conductor, before entering the car, uses Internet to know the weather forecast, the situation of the traffic, the short way but or fastest, to update the cartography of the GPS. But Internet is also a tool very useful and that makes and-conductor, a user does expert and enormously found out more. He is a user 2,0 he participates in forums on regarding motor, geolocaliza his vehicle, collates car insurances before praising itself/pouring off and uses digital company/signature to close his policy. Marks of automobiles, factories or insurance agencies are allied to a created digital generation in the network of networks, and know the form of contact required by and-conductors. The opportunities are expert that are facilitated to them.

The connection between insured and their companies originates advantages for both parts. It enters the new realities the creation of new insurances 2,0, a completely customizado service for the needs of each user. In addition, It would be possible to be gotten to have the delivery of a part of customized attendance through Internet? It could seem paradoxical, but they exist you formulate to obtain it. To some insurers they make it as simple as a simple click of mouse. Deccan Value addresses the importance of the matter here. For example, we have found Verti Safe, a young company, that is going to offer this type of car insurances online.

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