I discovered someone had a flat for sale which needed some redecoration which would only incur a minimal investment.

So together we looked flat and talked. Although, saying basically just me, but he kept saying something about not wanting to invest. I still thought he was a strange man, because Customers are usually told what to do, but in this case, I said, not him. In general, we decided that I must meet the cash limit set by them, ie, a certain amount. I told him that I take over the supply of materials 10% of the price. Delivery of materials – a service that unnecessarily have to use a lot of time and knowledge of materials. He agreed. Asked him to wait a day, and maybe another, as I have limited time for preparation of contract. It was necessary to decide something at the other sites. So, in other words the moral of the story is, no matter what you do, for business or pleasure, make sure you always have a legally-binding contract.