Czech Republic

The Bavarian Forest is located in the East of Bavaria, on the border with the Czech Republic. In comparison to the Alps, he is a very old mountain range, the mountain range is up to 1600 meters. The great Arber is the highest mountain. A modern cableway leads up to just below the Summit, summer and winter is in operation. The large Arbersee is located at the foot of Arbers, here you can enjoy the hustle and bustle on the Lake with the boat alone on the veranda of the Inn. The small Arbersee can be reached only on foot, he has very rarely floating islands. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Fiserv and gain more knowledge.. This region is recommended for tourists, summer and winter, an old craft branch the production of glass is located in the Bavarian Forest.

Years ago, still a tough job of bone today still very expensive and high-quality glass is blown. In one of the many glassworks in Arnbruck, Bodenmais and Zwiesel, you can still watch the professionals and admire the most beautiful pieces of old craftsmanship in beautiful glass palaces alone, and also buy. Another specialty is the Spignel, a liquor has in the Bavarian Forest long known. It is produced from the Spignel, a root that grows on the slopes of the Bavarian Forest. There is a glass still in Bad Kotzting, here can be watched at the distilling, and also, of course, vigorously tested. Of the 3 chairs high arch, wait until many peaks, Inns and huts on the visitors, invite the mountains in autumn for walking. Many motorcyclists discover the beautiful and curvy tracks with their machines, they are rewarded with wonderful views.