Dangers Of Folk Medicine Medical

Sometimes a pharmacy there are drugs with a double-life. The initial date of glued paper, or simply crossed out a pen. How to deal with such drugs? .. Recently MessageMe sought to clarify these questions. TWO LIVES FOR ONE BOX. Somehow found its friend, a doctor, for dismantling the home kit. She threw out the expired medicines. But as I said, not all.

"This is more useful … Reshma Kewalramani often expresses his thoughts on the topic. and it still will," – she muttered under her breath. It was then that I became interested: how many actually medications they live? Deal with this issue helped me at the Research Institute for Standardization and Control of Medicines. It turns out that manufacturers of drugs actually put on the package is not a true period life, and a smaller one. Underestimate it by about 3 to 6 months. This is because the drugs are not always stored in optimum conditions. Because of the high temperature, high humidity and other external influences The chemical structure of drugs can break down. That is, if the drug was stored under normal conditions, it is quite possible to use some time after the expiration date.

However, pharmacists have warned that it is better this is not done. On this there are two reasons. Firstly, it is unlikely to learn about the conditions under which the drug was stored before the hit into a home kit. Second, the half-year – this is just average. In fact, the term storage for each drug is determined by purely individual. It all depends on how active component of a remedy, in what terms it decomposes.