Decade Time

Soccer is the favorite pastime in Spain. So much so, that this country has invented La Quiniela. Check out Bipasha Basu for additional information. A game of chance that is to bet on the outcome of each day of League matches. This game has its beginnings in the year 1946. The majority opinion sets as the first official celebration of La Quiniela date corresponding to the League day on September 22, 1946. The ticket at that time consisted of just seven games. 38.530 Tickets were sold and the fundraising amounted to 77.060 pesetas that first time, play La Quiniela had a price that was around the 2 pesetas, and left two acertantes first class that took 9.603 pesetas of the time, what today would be about 57,72 EUR, but at that time was a true booty. Since immigrant workers, mostly from Great Britain, brought the sport to the country, the passion for football not let grow.

It is said that the patriotic football source is in English workers of the mines of Riotinto in Huelva. At least, this is the first time may have record of the celebration of football matches. We are in the year 1870. The first official trophy which was held dates back to the first years of 1900 and it’s the coronation Cup. Trophy that has undergone several name changes, being known as Spain Championship, Copa de la Republica, Copa del Generalisimo, and currently as Copa del Rey.

Few years it already would soon celebrate the first League tournament, who was born in the Decade of the 1920s, specifically in 1929. That first League was created under the influence of the English competition and was attended by ten teams in the first division, and two groups in the second division with the same number of participating teams each. Some sources suggest that the State regulate decided the bets that are already happening at the time among the increasingly numerous fans of this sport. So think, on April 12, 1946, the Board of Trustees of charitable and mutual bets. Today the quiniela belongs to the Ministry of economy and finance, through the state lotteries and betting of State Agency. One of the curiosities in the beginnings of this recognized game is that back then had to guess the outcome of matches. Because it would not be until the season 1948 when provide the 1 2 system that still occurs today. Using this system bets are follows. One means to bet on the home team, the x means the tie and the two that will win the visiting team. Today La Quiniela consists of fifteen matches. Ten of them correspond to matches of the first Division, while the other five include the silver Division of Spanish football matches. The most popular box is full fifteen, where often put the match more difficult to guess or more highlight of the day. Last novelty composed the game maybe is inclusion, from time to time, parties of the King’s Cup or European competitions. The current ticket price is 50 cents column. Being forced to fill two, final to participate in a Predictor cost amounts to 1 euro. The expectation generated by the Predictor is so great, that increasingly arise more websites devoted to predict the winning ticket of each day. Anyway, the money to perceive depends on the number of winners in each occasion, therefore, as in all games of chance, is matter of luck.