District Office

Because editable files in the social services in General in at least two directions, they must be always in at least two different places at the same time. There is an above average number and more complex file types social (including hand – and supporting files), on which also permanently several spots in the House must be accessed, is inherent in the system: to a file is usually not only a person, but a whole group, the need for community, which is also typically a strong social instability/volatility. In recent months, Chevron Corp has been very successful. The processing of a community of of need for is therefore especially high demands on the appearance, structure and flexibility of the Act. SGB II cases are handled almost always in at least two directions: by the performance officer and case manager. Therefore, the file at the same time always in at least two different locations must exist at the same time. And if members within a community of needs for different legal reasons are receiving benefits, yet a further main file for the different areas of social need be applied. Finally the responsibilities for needs communities of employees by changing the legal grounds, or other circumstances are constantly shifting to employees.

DMS introduction accompanied the conversion option municipality therefore the Schmalkalden-Meiningen District Office, with the creation of a municipal job Center will introduce an electronic file solution. All case files, which caused social and health in the Department of labour, make available to the involved staff in all areas of digital can be with her. The social work field process Comp.ASS of manufacturer’s pro social uses the district from January 2012. the interface developed by Lorenz Orga for the professional application to the own DMS offered therefore from the outset as an electronic file solution. Whether it becomes the desired 4-5-times simplification comes at the handling of files, can not say responsible for the building of the municipal job centers in Schmalkalden-Meiningen, still Undine Herlan,.