Driveshaft Kamaz: Purpose, Problems, Repair

Driveline KAMAZ serves to transfer torque between the shafts of mechanisms that can change the relative position while driving, as well as in the case when these mechanisms are set in construction of the machine so that the axis of the shaft ends are not located on the same line. Scheme cardan gear KAMAZ varies and depends on the wheel formula car. For example, the driveline 6×4 vehicle consists of two drive shafts, drivelinewheel drive vehicles has a complete four driveshafts. The main failure of driveline vibration is KAMAZ propeller shaft, which causes accelerated wear of the transfer. Typically, vibration is the result of a material breach of balancing driveshafts, which respectively may be due to wear of propeller joints and grooves, balancing plates is lost, the deformation of the shaft, improper installation of parts, made after dismantling joints driveline, what happens if poorly conducted repair of motor vehicles Kamaz. If you have seen a significant deterioration in the Crossings propshaft bearing, it is necessary to disassemble the hinge and replace worn parts. Giant pay is likely to increase your knowledge. It should be noted that for disassembly should be used special remover, and replacement of worn parts to use only original spare parts KAMAZ. Assembly joint drivelinea very crucial moment.

It requires knowledge of sequence assembly, certain skills mechanics, special tools and equipment. Therefore, experts advise to carry out the replacement of worn parts in the driveline service centers, for which the main specialtyRepair KamAZ. To assemble the joint using new gaskets, seals and other spare parts KAMAZ or choose from among suitable components taken earlier. Start the assembly process is pressing onto the crossing studs with a special mandrel socket seals, prefilled with grease. Then, using a hand press set the cups with bearings, fixed pivot and lock plate. With highquality assembly cross rotated in the bearings without jamming.