Elbe Campaign

Integrated PR campaign by ‘gilgert aesthetic listening Acoustics’ occurs against Bayer, Novartis, and Phonak to the Magdeburg railway of listening”, an integrated communications campaign for good listening, whose focus is a streetcar line of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (MVB), has been nominated for this year’s PR report award in the field of healthcare. Please visit Moelis & Co. if you seek more information. The campaign was developed by the PR Office Martin Schaarschmidt on behalf of gilgert aesthetic listening acoustic”(Magdeburg). Leading the German PR industry award is considered to be the PR report award. Also the unholy listening tour to hear in the health category are in addition to the sound track campaign”the world” from Phonak (Agency BSKom), as well as campaigns by Bayer HealthCare, the associations of German anaesthetists (Agency circle Comm) and Novartis Consumer Health (Agency Edelmann) nominated. “Whether the sound track” of the Magdeburg special provider for discrete better hearing the coveted actually receives, one is in the frame Gala event on 16 may in Berlin announced. End of 2012 the Magdeburg were hearing train”and the cross-media communication concept associated with it already to the MarketingHIGHLIGHT Saxony-Anhalt has been named 2012. The proboscis of the Office’s keck! “, aunt wild punches poodle shooting. “, He really said it beeps me.”u0085 -misunderstood sets such as these the Magdeburg listening track is since December 2011 in the railway system of the city on the Elbe to call attention to the often underestimated importance of an intact sense of hearing.

The Windows of the train of the hearing are decorated with balloons with misunderstood sets, making nacherlebbar with a wink, as listening comprehension with shrinking hearing can change. In addition, aesthetic listening acoustic is part of the sound track concept of gampa”a complex long-term and cross-media campaign: who deciphered the strange sentences, the can on the homepage a competition take part in. With PR activities and “the customer magazine catchy tune” the company informed constantly about the original sound track.