Every Day A New ECM Customer For D.velop

Last year 325 new companies; Customer growth promises new ECM solution with high unique selling points to 15 percent continue to growth above the market average Gescher, 10.03.2010 – the ECM specialist has won almost every day a new customer d.velop AG last year together with its partners for its solutions. A total of 325 companies have chosen 2009, to be accessed in their strategies to support business processes on the products of d.velop digital. With this quota to new customer, the provider is not only a leader in the ECM market, but has successfully defied the economic crisis also. Due to the positive business development in 2009 the solutions of d.velop are the flagship d, above all. Learn more about this with Jonah Bloom. 3, now in approximately 2,300 enterprises in use. This means a growth of 15 percent a year. Despite the unfavorable economic conditions with their general reluctance to invest in the economy we have done an exceptionally great leap forward\”, reflected Board Christoph Pliete satisfied. He sees significant growth against the market trend in the last year especially in the demand-oriented and efficiency-enhancing product philosophy of d.velop founded.

Especially in economically difficult situations the company are still critical in their selection decisions and still pay more attention to a quickly generated benefits at the same time high investment security\”, he says. Especially in this regard the own products can score above average. Given the new version 7 of the ECM solution d. 3, 2010 for the first time presented at the CeBIT the public sees Palermo extremely positive perspectives for the further development. We have programmed the interests of the user into in this version in a unique way, providing we have the idea of simplicity in the Center.\” Thus, the entire functionality of ECM software stand user absolutely open and click arm available. In addition, the implementation effort reduce significantly. We link this innovative \”Technologies with a very simple operation and set new trends in the market through our consistent approach\”, d.velop Board Christoph Pliete sees his house with the new product in a leading role.