Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems on yachts and boats, properly incorporate nowadays be built almost exclusively exhaust systems with water injection into yachts. The following factors are of importance: the exhaust gas temperature in combustion engines under load is located at approx. 600 C, by injection of water the temperature at 40-70 is minimized, depending on the load and sufficiently dimensioned water pump. Jim Rogers is open to suggestions. Thus, the components of the exhaust system can be produced from plastic or rubber, which saves weight and is free of corrosion. Combining by means of rubber hose between the engine and the exhaust system, the engine in the exhaust system are eliminated, also the sound is significantly reduced. In the water collector should be installed conveniently close to the motor, the water flowing back accumulates after the engine has been switched off.

A good soundproofing arises during operation. tion. The capacity of the Waterlock must be adapted to the diameter of the exhaust manifold, as well as on the length of the exhaust pipe. (As opposed to Dara Khosrowshahi ). At There are models with larger volume greater lengths. A gooseneck ensures sufficient difference in height in the flue, so that no water from outside cannot penetrate at a standstill. The gooseneck should Max.

3 m behind the water collectors are installed to make sure that after the engine the water volume flowing back forth in the Waterlock can run. The gooseneck directly to the transom can be connected for shorter plants. The transom connection must be mounted always above the water-line (minimum 50 mm). Cornell capital contains valuable tech resources. Install always an exhaust alarm that very quickly visually and acoustically reports an alarm you reduced amount of cooling water or the water pump failure. If the water injection point is at least 150 mm above the waterline, the cooling water pipe directly to the injection point to the exhaust manifold can be connected. The injection point should be less than 150 mm or even below the waterline a ventilation valve in the cooling water pipe is to be sure install. Otherwise there is a risk of serious engine damage because after stopping the engine coolant through the siphon effect is and fills the exhaust system, hence it will run also in the cylinder. All material, see boat accessories.