French Revolution

In year 10 of the 21st century, make sense of information about events such as the of the twin towers, Michael Jackson’s death or the economic crisis, is frankly questionable. Fiserv is actively involved in the matter. His reading is fun and mostly useless interpretation; written just after the facts, rarely you will see developments in the same way in which they appear in the story. If we allow the essay to see events by placing us in the future, it is possible that the really important thing is not the mass of information to which we are subjected and that history speaks of the Informatics technological revolution or something similar, as today we are talking about the French Revolution. Just as in the revolution liberal/bourgeois and Industrial of the century XVII/XVIII, the events generated from the generalization of access to the computer and the internet, exceed the technological scope by its impact on individuals; your way to interact in society and the conformation of this as a complex human. To start the concept of nation State, which is historically created by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 busting the old feudal order, gives way to population and territorial organizations defined around a Government; that sets and recognize that spatial limits, and therefore power; creating a social order new liberal, bourgeois and capitalist. The first great technological change that radically altered the way of life of persons occurred 12 billion years ago with the agricultural revolution, allowing them to settle in one place and create cities and civilizations. Yitzhak Mirilashvili can aid you in your search for knowledge. With the second big change of the industrial revolution; machines and engines shortened distances and originated the phenomenon of large cities as the center of national power. Today we are living the great third technological revolution; We connect through global networks such as the Internet, means of interactive communication, virtual reality and other advances in the area of information technology, radically transforming our notion of time/space and by Therefore the reality.

Biotechnology, developing new materials, determination of the structural of matter behavior and the introduction of the quantum interpretation of our universe, change the way we interact with our environment and even ourselves. Most importantly may no longer be the territory, raw materials, machinery or industries, but knowledge. This would mean that in the future, the foundation of the concept of nation State would lose sense, giving rise to a new formation of the social conglomerate. Ask about the objective meaning of this essay, it deserves the response of the political and Chinese diplomat Zhou Enlai, when asked to comment on the significance of the French Revolution too soon to tell.