Gas Switching In Germany

Change of gas supplier in Germany still possible? Every year, several thousand households change their electricity supplier after getting your electricity bill at the beginning of the year. This has to do with the exactly at this time of increased prices for power often. Prior to a change of electricity provider, it is however necessary that a current comparison is performed. This is necessary because the current market in Germany has been liberalised since 1998. In other words, the consumer can choose whether they remain with the regional provider, or choose an electricity supplier by the current comparison is made far more favorable by the price, which then quickly also affects the costs. What is possible when the power since 1998, is possible in the supply of heat for the apartment in Germany since 2004 – change even when the gas, so a gas provider comparison and a gas provider. However, the situation is that after more than five years after the liberalization of the gas market in Germany that the gas provider change very rarely in claims in wealthier countries. The reason is simple: most consumers trust their previous gas provider and find it rather annoying when they should compare prices here.

German consumers with a gas provider change could save a lot of money. Meanwhile, the major providers have also fear that they are losing their customers to smaller suppliers in the region. Therefore the major providers try to retain the customers for a longer period of time to resale price maintenance concepts. However a gas supplier is comparison in such a case necessarily needed, because is paid here so to speak twice.