General Secretariat

In effect, taking into account the nature of the measures envisaged, it is essential to establish a statewide system of aid which compensates the uneven implementation in the territory of the agents of the sector, without that it impedes the establishment of different measures of encouragement by the autonomous communities within its competence. In any case, the constitutional characterization of the culture as a concurrent competence between the State and the autonomous communities needed close collaboration between different territorial entities. The activities of the Sectorial Conference of culture, as well as the bilateral consultative meetings that the INAEM has maintained with different responsible for autonomic, contribute to build up a stable framework of collaboration. Conclusions and recommendations result of those meetings have been taken into account when designing this call for aid, keeping In addition their level of participation in the licensing procedure. In this sense, and in accordance with the instructions of the technical General Secretariat of the Ministry of culture, the resolution has been report of the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Territorial policy and public administration to ensure its adaptation to the existing competence sharing in the field of culture. Finally, the present aid scheme has been approved by the European Commission through Decision of April 4, 2011, in application of article 107.3 d) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union and its implementing regulations. By virtue of the foregoing, this Directorate-General has been resolved: first.

Purpose, object and field of application. this resolution aims at the regulation of subsidies to dance, poetry and music, in the framework of the competences of the INAEM and according to the objectives that has mandated, in order to preserve the choreographic heritage, musical and lyrical and his diffusion in the area of the territory of the State and beyond its borders, especially favouring communication between the different autonomous communities, the equality of all citizens in access to cultural property and the creation and consolidation of new audiences. The aid shall be granted in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination, through the procedure of competitive concurrence, in the modalities listed in the fourth paragraph of the present resolution and in accordance with the regulations in force in the field of public subsidies. The granting of the aid covered by the present call is incompatible with the perception, by the beneficiaries themselves for a same project, the INAEM nominative subsidies contained in the same chapter of the budget program 24.201. 335A (music and dance), corresponding to the financial year 2011, except in mode B7.1. Second. Beneficiaries. To display the resolution in its entirety, visit the website listed at the bottom of the article in your State section.