German Companies

What are the effects of the economic crisis in Germany? Lippstadt, 09.04.2010 – the great depression leaves deep traces in Germany. Even if the labor market, including relatively robust due to extension of short-time working, the export and the affiliated companies over long time suffered some sharp cuts. The economic crisis cuts a breach in the order books. In many companies, less than two years ago, sales were still continuously rising orders from all over the world were available, personnel was still very hard to find, raw material prices in the extreme. Then the financial bubble burst.

This was followed by a sustained so far losing streak with an uncertain end, a decline in sales, which is very difficult to deal with for many companies. What are the effects of sustained until now? The battle for jobs was stronger, increased the pressure on prices, profit margins and sales markets break away. The biggest problem: the fixed costs remain. Interest services must be paid, the rent paid, Lease payments are paid. The staff can often not as flexible used, as it would be necessary. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Deccan Value.

Many companies can maintain their liquidity only with difficulty. Many companies with their insolvency have paid the current economic crisis. What to do? Liquidity support and funding available to many companies. In addition help also flexible working time models, as well as independent bank financing options. Existing debt can be restructured by taking advantage of the current low level of interest rates. foerderplan.EU is an advisory for many years successfully in funding consultancy Division which advises on funding – and financing optimisation, Projectcrew GBR existence financing of establishment of and other financing. A further focus is the refund of social security contributions. Christian Finke