Interior Department

The embedding of Orthopadikum Allgau in the clinic of Oberstdorf brings important benefits the patient. The patients are cared for at us in Oberstdorf of 16 highly qualified and highly motivated medical specialists for anaesthesia and intensive care”, says Dr. Martin Fiedermutz, senior physician of the Department of anaesthesia and intensive care at the clinic of Oberstdorf. The 13 anaesthesia workstations are equipped with the most modern equipment to the anaesthesia management and monitoring of all vital body functions. In addition an expert team of three doctors and four residents of the Interior Department is patients of Orthopadikum before and after the operation around the clock under the direction of chief physician Dr. Ulrich Baker available. His team of doctors can immediately intervene when possible problems of heart, lung, cardiovascular, digestive organs, or kidneys. Thanks to state of the art telemetry devices can also patients with cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator checks at any time and Needs be reset”, says Dr.

Baker. Patient-oriented to represent this extensive range of highly specialised medical service, the site of the Orthopadikum under went online in early April. The goal was also here to communicate the recovery of mobility and thus improving the quality of life for the patients”, Roland Braun explains the high standards of the site by meditrust. The Visual concept reflects the existing Feelgood factor coupled with the medical expertise of the Orthopadikum. Held in pictures was this idea at a several-day photo shoot on site. meditrust marketing services, Munich: meditrust is an owner-managed marketing agency focused exclusively on the marketing of hospitals, health centres and health professionals. It was founded in 2002 by Roland Braun and supervised many medical institutions.

In addition to the classic marketing consultancy, meditrust coaches also clinic lines and Chief medical officers in all aspects of communication in the Realignment of its businesses. Meditrust’s clients include inter alia the Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the endogap clinic for joint replacements, the merciful brethren, Asklepios city clinic mednord bad Tolz, the clinic, and several medical centers. meditrust Regensburg has Center Munich, the medical Starnberg, the House of health of Stuttgart and St. Joseph Hospital also in the design of projects for the construction of medical centres of excellence such as the Leopold Medical.