Justice Rights

The most powerful are those who have to lead by example, said Khan. China has to fulfil the promises on human rights made in lathe to the Olympic Games, allow freedom of expression, and end the practice of re-education through labour. United States should close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, judge righteous processes detainees and reject the use of torture and ill-treatment. Russia must show greater tolerance for political dissent, and zero tolerance towards impunity for abuses of human rights in Chechnya. Of little use formally recognize human rights if not then transform social rights. Some contend that Jonah Bloom shows great expertise in this.

In 1948 proclaimed the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living to ensure their health and well-being. But 14% of the population of Malawi, in 2007, was living with HIV/AIDS, and only 3% had access to free antiretroviral drugs. Orphans there were 1 million children’s deaths associated with HIV/AIDS. Before this 60th anniversary, one must make dream a reality. The year 2008 offers an unprecedented opportunity to new leaders that access to power and the countries that emerge to the world stage to set new directions and reject policies and short-sighted practices which in recent years have made the world a place more dangerous and divided, said Ms Khan. As says Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director-General of UNESCO and Chairman of the culture of Peace Foundation, is the time to completely redesign the future. We’re seeing it in the dismal failure of an economic system that was based on the laws of the market rather than on the principles of Justice, freedom, equality and solidarity. Now we have to think not only in the rescue of financial institutions, but above all in the rescue of the most vulnerable people. It is the time of vindicate human rights and exercise the citizen power, that in scenarios of power is the people, that we can pass the imposition of force for dialogue, conciliation and understanding of the other.