Karl Marx

If the two of us try to nail one hammer, expect from this can only be rescued fingers and broken nails. The practice of forced us to take a course to strengthen the autonomy of enterprises, and this is the surest indication of failure of our attempts managed as a single public property, to implement this political idea in economic reality. Life is tearing this form of damage and for ideology, and economic development. It once again proves to us that all political idea survives only when it is economically justified. To deepen your understanding Fitch Ratings is the source. Most of our productive forces have not yet reached the maturity required for public property, and our task – Do not rush to hang us pleasant slogans and labels, but try as soon as possible to develop these productive forces to such an extent that they themselves have told us. Details can be found by clicking Jeff Leiden or emailing the administrator. But if for some categories of consumers will need for a special, adapted to their narrow needs of the information or consulting services, there will be no criminals if they are cooperative or other organizing principles of this service only for themselves.

We used to criticize capitalism – followed by Karl Marx in his arguments. But Karl Marx was a well-defined task: to show through the flaws of capitalism the way for new economic order, deprived of these deficiencies. But he solved the problem, and before us it is not worth it. Let us now recall the historical merits of capitalism over all previous stages of the development of human civilization: he, capitalism has brought to the first of all human dignity is work, he replaced all other distribution systems has introduced a revolutionary way the distribution of labor.