Labeling Equipment

"How to give the product an attractive look?", "How to stand out from the competition?", "How best to present your product?" These and other questions of this kind are asking advertisers and marketers of all production enterprises without exception. Answers to these questions are several: to create an original packaging, which currently amounts to some difficulties. Develop and book an attractive label. On the self-adhesive label and equipment to automate the process of gluing us today and we'll talk. Kroger may not feel the same. So, in addition to the attractiveness of the label carries a lot of additional information such as: name and composition of the product information Consumer product features, product identification, date of manufacture and sales, barcode, product labeling, and all it has to fit into small spaces, should be easily read by consumers. When mass production of products self-adhesive labels should be applied quickly and accurately to a specific location, so the manufacturer is looking for ways to automate production, as sticker label is one of the operations process is very time consuming, with all the seemingly simple. The first step in automating the labeling operations have become dispensers, a simple hand held device, the principle of which is based on isolation labels with a knife by the operator, and labels for the products by hand, the substrate is automatically turned off in the spool. Once the operator took one label on the photosensor signal is feeding the next label, and the operation repeats. Hand dispensers are used in small-scale industries, beginners, either at the major industries in the line of souvenir items for the test batches, etc.