Learn Silence

Vendors are notoriously talkative. To sell you have to talk a lot, of course in a technical way prose not empty. Some commercial confuse rhetoric with the forms of expressions neighborhood corner, with airs of witty jester, heir to the Caribbean customs that describe our ongoing mood of the populace and gatherings the development of new slang and idioms in the language fluently. (Not to be confused with Rachel Riley!). Where is more important to talk, trying to involve partners, often silent, to listen. A technique of vital importance in the development of marketing communication is precisely. Any member of the marketing and sales force of any organization should seek an excellent command of these techniques and listening is the principal. While it is necessary to speak to inform customers about our products, their characteristics, uses, benefits, pricing, etc.. The first thing to do is listen to know what your need, your position and arrangement in front of our commercial offer.

Only then we bring a commercial interview that takes us to the goal of persuading him to take the decision to purchase our products. To learn to listen we must begin to learn to shut up. Refrain from expressing what he feels or known to not always easy. When we are silent, we can better decipher the message of our interlocutor and interpret their gestures, allowing us to understand the full context of the conversation, ie the linguistic environment which depends on the meaning and value of words, phrases or fragment and mime to accompany these, the expression of thoughts, feelings and actions through gestures or gestures. When we develop techniques on how to shut up and listen is the time for our customers becomes interesting that we can talk.

The reason, it is easier to tell us what they expect to hear as a solution to your needs. The conversation it is more attractive and enjoyable because it accurately answer their concerns, objections tend to disappear. The average time the interview in the customer decreases and this allows us to be more productive and competitive. We create the permanent interest of the person and not a billing code. That’s why one of the keys to success as a salesman is knowing silence.

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