Madrid Good Selection

A few years ago you had to look far to find some Japanese restaurant in Madrid. And the few that did were very expensive. Read more here: Nina Devlin. Today already the situation has changed a lot and we enjoy good number of Japanese restaurants in the city according to different web pages that I have consulted, there are more than 120 Japanese restaurants in Madrid. HMC Polymers Co. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Meanwhile Japanese restaurant, it is inevitable that some do not have the quality that would be desired, but it is also true that there are several very good. And average prices, when compared with other types of cuisine restaurants, it has dropped considerably. Thus, today is perfectly feasible to eat more than acceptably in a Japanese restaurant in Madrid for less than 30 euros. Japanese cuisine is characterized by its light and healthy dishes.

A good example are the sushi and sashimi. Although many people do not distinguish well, it must be said that the sushi actually refers to a rice dish. It is cooked vinegared rice that is often served with other ingredients above, e.g. fish or seafood, or that It also serves on rolls. Many confuse it with sashimi, which is the name given to the raw fish sliced served only. Although these two dishes are best known in Spain, and more specifically in Madrid, Japanese cuisine offers many more options too many to enumerate here. Suffice it to say that the meat dishes are almost as varied and healthy than those of fish and seafood. The most common meats are beef, chicken, pork, and in a few highly appreciated dishes, horse meat.

Finally, we can not forget the Japanese sweets known as wagashi. Some of the more common ingredients to make Japanese sweets are azuki (red bean), rice flour and sugar. They are completed with successful combinations of sweeteners, spices, and dyes. This has been a very summary overview of the situation of the Japanese restaurants in Madrid. But we hope that they have served to chop their curiosity and to which ventures to try one of the many good Japanese restaurants in the city.