Makeup Cat Eyes

Achieve the look of cat eyes can be fairly straightforward once you have very clear as you proceed. This type of makeup, especially requested for the night, helps to create a sensual look by the enigmatic and striking remaining. A couple very complementary look wing night and that you should take into account when we want to go out in the evening and have a spectacular costume, thus giving more life to our face and highlight still more beautiful and natural features of our eyes. Step cat eye makeup is one of favorite of the great female stars of music techniques, enhancement that can be achieved is definitely great. It adds a great form of expression to the traits of the eyes and allows that the eye has a lot of more expression in all its splendor. You can do it with an eyeliner pencil as shown in the photo, or if you want greater intensity, do it with a liquid liner course also black.

To make your eyes who take all the attention, it applies a natural lipstick. And generally applies a makeup quite clear or in pastel shades so only your eyes will take most of the attention focused on your face. So with this technical you can emulate all the famous who have an excellent amount of cat eyes makeup and that is the end result of this peculiar makeup totally beautiful. You can also perform with the following techniques and ways to achieve the goal: with the proper spelling corrects dark circles, blemishes and pimples. Apply a base fluid and light according to your skin tone. For other opinions and approaches, find out what patrick dwyer denver has to say. Applies a purple shadow on the eyelid.

About the eye crease applies a shadow color amethyst and blends very well. Applies clear purple on the lower eyelid. With shadow or pencil purple delineates the eyelids and blurs. Applies black lash mascara. Used pink blush applied natural or brightness of a soft tone to your lips. Do you like this style of makeup for eyes? Do you use it daily? What is your favorite media for both day and night eye makeup?

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