Maslow Necessities

At any time a person can be motivated, this for a variety of how much in such a way internal external factors. The people are different and can at any time be motivated in diverse ways. The necessities human beings influence in the behavior of the individual generating a force. It can be said that impulsionadoras forces as desires, wills, distrusts of the individual can result in motivation, individual satisfaction. 3.1 MOTIVATION AS MASLOW the necessities always act in set, prevailing highest, since that the inferiors are satisfied.

Some basic necessities can be express or satisfied in set, therefore they possess a relation in the mannering one. Therefore, any signal of insatisfao frustration, can be a psychological threat, what it can result in reactions in the human behavior. Maslow extended its theory suggesting that the organization assumed the construction of a bridge between the basic necessities and of auto-accomplishment. to leave of the moment that one of these necessities if becomes satisfied, the human being starts to long for the full satisfaction of this necessity, being been the necessities of the base of the pyramid the physiological ones and security, of esteem and auto-accomplishment. (MASLOW apud CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.92).

According to Maslow (1954 apud CHIAVENATO, 2003) ' ' it organizes the necessities human beings in five hierarchic categories: physiological necessities, of security, affective-social, of esteem and auto-realizao' '. According to Chiavenato (2003, p.89) the motivation also represents an important part in the explanation of the human behavior and of the field of the knowledge of the nature human being. Figure i Pyramid of Maslow Source: the necessities that are in the base of the pyramid are called basic physiological necessities, need immediate satisfaction. Examples: breath, sex, headquarters, hunger, excreo, sleep, etc. The security necessities come soon below and they only can be satisfied if carried through to the first ones.