Today, the Internet, the media are actively promoting the devices as if solving all the problems associated with men’s disease: impotence, prostatitis, BPH, etc. I want to express their views. All appliances household I would divide the applications into four categories: – electrostimulators vibrostimulyatory-type – using ultrasound vibration – and antiparasitic devices (also on the basis of vibrations). We analyze their beneficial effect in separately. – Electrical – based on the therapeutic application of pulsed current to restore the muscular elements of the prostate and sexual organs. Under the influence of electric current flow of secretions will improve prostate cancer.

May improve the functioning of nerves. An example might be drug ULTRATON. – Vibration using ultrasound. For example, “Vitafon” – a similar effect, reduces the posledstivya stagnation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Patria Re. – Vibrostimulyatory type “Intramag” – is actually hard massage. Perceived irritation of the skin receptors, muscle, and transferred to the outer parts of the central nervous system. Flow pulses increases the tone of the central nervous system and through it has a positive effect on the activity of other systems.

As a result, improves the redox processes. An excellent means of prevention and treatment of a complex element prostatitis. – Anti-parasitic devices. For example, “Paracelsus 7.” Then I wash my hands. Today, much been written about the parasite, which is hardly something to add. Really complicate life parasites is very dangerous to another and that people do not know that he is infected (by the way, every third child – the carrier of dangerous parasites). The most dangerous of these worms (helminths – round and tapeworms that can kill a person). However, I think that win parasites only with the help of instruments is extremely difficult. Much more efficient classical medical or folk remedies. In the arsenal of traditional medicine is a very efficient and absolutely safe method of dealing with them. 12 days did not eat. Take 90 grams of fresh pumpkin seeds (which is in the shell, but not peeled Chinese!), Peel. It’s easier to do this, pour over boiling water if. Then mash with milk until uniform paste. Take this mixture, and by 2:00 drink four teaspoons of castor oil (can be with a small amount of juice). And wait. Within 3-6 hours of you will this disgusting, that brigade! Even if you think that you do not have worms, save that he retspt is useful to you. In general, such cleaning should be done periodically. In any case, give the symptoms of infection with worms in severe: diarrhea, hunger pains, irritability, loss of weight and appetite. If these symptoms you have, even in lesser extent, it is worth to see a doctor or even clean the most. Thus, if to sum up the feasibility of home appliances, we can say that as the primary means of treatment they do not fit, but as a means of prevention and an additional method – not useless, especially in stagnant forms of chronic prostatitis. In addition to the instruments should direct their actions to destroy the foci of inflammation in the body, increasing the immunity. More than once wrote that this can help physical education classes, breathing exercises, vitamins, bee products (pollen, royal jelly, pollen), herbal medicine, as well as a nasty but useful as a drug SDA.