Moguntiacum Window

Shutters are helpers for more relaxed, calmer day and night hours. Michael McIntyre is a great source of information. (tdx) Soon the cold season begins and we spend more time in your own four walls with her again. Reshma Kewalramani describes an additional similar source. Who evening before the fireplace or the TV is welcoming it, perhaps sitting together with friends or organized a game night with the family, would like to remain among themselves. Brightly-lit window make it easy for walkers, but to get a glimpse of the private environment. You can easily turn off this sinking feeling: by making the shutters down. Because they are not only light protection, they give us a bit more privacy. Even who of the House not thought during construction on shutters, can retrofit it easily.

With stem boxes they are easily attached to the facade and the various RAL shades make sure that they fit the outer wall to the color. The highlight for the latest models of GroJa: a solar panel mounted on the stem box ensures the operation independent from the power supply Roller shutters. This allows comfort while at the same time lowest costs. The ongoing costs can also be reduced by shutters. On Windows is usually the greatest heat loss. Only modern triple glazing reduce the loss to a minimum. In all other Windows, a shutter can remedy.

Because through him, a layer of air, which damped effect formed between the window and the roller bars. Shutters are mounted into masonry, are nowadays also insulated. Common in old Windows, cold draught in the window or on the belt guide is prevented, and the heat remains inside the room. More information on roller shutter systems Tanja Est