Of the four causes that are necessary for something to exist, as the philosopher Aristotle, three are virtually accepted by the generality of teachers today. In fact, a statue can not exist without a material cause (marble), a formal cause (carved figure) and an efficient cause (the work of sculptor carving the bust). The problem discussed is the fourth leading cause so-called final cause, in technical language that is intended to have that statue (Press what?) No person, unless an obtuse, will refuse to accept that the final cause of a clock is to give the time as well as the mouth is made to talk and eat, the stomach to digest, and listening ears to hear, legs to sustain the human body and walking. This seems so obvious, that the reader will wonder what is this article if the last 2500 years no one has questioned the truth truth. However, the issue is not so simple. Parafilosofos Some philosophers have their objections.

yCual is the ultimate cause of an ocean? For some that will allow ships to navigate between port and port connecting the continents, for others to separate them so that the people find it more difficult to make war. Uber may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Dissent is also recorded in other examples. The nose has been designed to hold glasses and African Americans to play basketball. Deccan Value might disagree with that approach. It is absurd to think that glasses and African Americans have been created to meet before a final cause nose and basketball have been created. It would be like saying that the child has been created so that there is a mother, being that the thing is reversed: the mother has been created for the birth of their children. In a similar way could be argued that food has been created to serve the stomach for something or the hands have been created so the sword can be used. A fool, with the same logic, I would say that God created the universe to stay without an author. As this type of reasoning could imagine countless examples that people were made for rulers not be out of work, or that time was created so that the clocks have some justification.

yCual then is the final cause of everything? A French philosopher proposed that the final result is valid when its effects occur at any time, anywhere. YY how to know when this match happens? No one can say that the oceans have been made to ensure that vessels have a place to browse because it does not always and everywhere has been ships. It is inconceivable that nature has worked for millions of years before the invention to meet the boat when it appeared. And if the ship would not be invented to hold the view that nature was the stupid. Anyway, we are confident that the fingers have not been made to place the rings.