Radio Day

– But now I just swim in that role and I hope that we have with the audience the pleasure each other. " In 2006 Nonna Grishaeva once married. Her second husband was Alexander Nesterov. Married in City Hall on the main square in Prague. In 2007, the family-Grishaeva Nesterov born baby. And again – the movie, and pregnancy. Privacy Nona successfully combines the work in the theater and film. Angus King gathered all the information. In 2004-2006, Nona Grishaeva worked on the set in several films and television series: "Bachelors," "My Fair Nanny," "Hope leaves the last," "Lily of silver", "Luba, children and the plant", "Rocks.

Song of the life-long "," Who's Boss? "," Aziris Nun. " With kindness actress talks about working on the series "Luba, children and the plant." She has worked with Tatyana Dogileva: "Of course, we are tired after shooting were very active in the daily mode, but the team we have selected a quite remarkable! We are so warm and good attitude to each other! "Grishaeva included in the company of humorous TV show" Big difference. " Then came a role in "Election Day". It is noteworthy that that the this period Nonna Grishaeva for several years with great success of theater productions, acted in the "Quartet and": "Radio Day", "Election Day", "Faster than a rabbit." Performances of the theater 'Quartet' pass in the House of Culture. Zuev.

In fact the success of these programs and has pushed the idea of creation of feature films. In 2009, along with Mark Tishmanom won the competition "Two stars". Nonna Grishaeva – the owner of the prestigious theater awards: the winner of the contest Actor's Song to them. Andrei Mironov, winner of international contest "The St. Petersburg engagement", winner of the MK Theatre Award "for best female tandem" (for the role of Denise in the show "Mademoiselle Nitouche").