Red Sea

Andrews, Muirfield, Troon or Carnoustie. In this part of Europe is increasingly seen as an insider’s tip among the passionate golfers Wales. Also in the South of the country, golf vacationers get their money and enjoy excellent golf courses in a fairy tale setting. Exotic countries and remote destinations are becoming increasingly popular golf oases. As a striking example, the Kingdom of the oil sheiks – the UAE – is in this context to name a few. In addition to imposing luxury hotels, fine sandy beaches and modern buildings, the United Arab Emirates also have excellent Green Golf courses.

The stunning richness of Arab sheikhs allows the creation of internationally renowned golf courses in the middle of the desert. Despite high temperatures, golfing under the Arabian Sun is very pleasant – the sea breeze brings refreshing dip. For golf players, especially Dubai as a tourist destination is interesting. Also, the capital city of Abu Dhabi is increasingly on golf tourism. In the land of the Pharaohs an impressive offer emerged for golfers in recent years also. Especially in several excellent golf courses are nearby the huge metropolis of Cairo. On the coast of the Red Sea are also countless green oases of golf, which invite you to play golf and swimming.

In many European countries as well as in exotic long-distance oases golfers on their cost can come. In addition to the price, also the wishes of tourists can be recognized in the choice of the appropriate destination. Exotic countries with warm climates, the relaxing golf vacation very well with a beach holiday on the sun-drenched sandy beaches can be combined. In the European golf oases, the travellers in addition to excellent golf courses enjoy too much culture and history.