Santa Cruz Soccer Club

EXPOSITION OF the SANTA CRUZ IN 2010 Partidas Disputed: 52 Reportagens in TV: 11,808 Transmisses of games To living creature and VT: (34 open TV and 4 closed 38 TV) Horas of exposition: 172 Reportagens of periodicals: (87,17 a thousand cm or 362 1.534 pages) busy Espao in the media: R$ 301.494.837, 41 average domiciliary Audincia in Globe NE: State: 23 points and 41% of on televisions (10 games); Pantry of Brazil 29 on points and 56% of the TVs (4 games); Nordesto: 21 on points and 40% of the TVs (10 games) Durante the analyzed period (360 days), the marks related to the Santa Cruz had been gifts in the media at least 5 times during week, representing 72% of exposition. EXPOSITION FORESEEN FOR 2011 Pernambucano Championship: Globe NE up to 11 transmitted departures? TV. opened Globosat PFC up to 19 transmitted departures? TV. Closed Pantry of Brazil TV Globe, Band and Sportv? up to 12 departures? TV. Opened and Closed northeast Championship: Interactive sport and Globe NE? up to 16 transmitted departures? Open TV Brazilian Championship series D: Northeast New TV – up to 8 departures transmitted to living creature and 8 video you cover – open TV STRUCTURAL PLATFORM? Physical exploration of the stadium and monumental headquarters of the Santa Cruz Study Through images of television senders, photographs of the stadium, comparisons between national and international stadiums and presence in I lease in the stadium of the Arruda, inside became fullfilled a complete study of prescription magnifying for the club through an innovative project of static advertising of the stadium. The application of the project will be able more than to fold the prescription of the club with static advertising. The project has as fulcrum to improve the collection with advertising and to improve the spreading of the mark of the partners. They will be available for commercialization in the stadium of the Arruda: ADVERTISING PLATES the Santa Cruz Soccer Club commercializes some modalities of static advertising for games carried through in the stadium of the Arruda.