It had a man in my street that all called solitary Mr. Solitary Mr. was one lean high gentleman who liveed in one casinha moved away from the neighborhood and he always kept a closed face. We thus nickname because it always appeared alone in all the places, market, bakery, not possua cat or dog, much less a parrot, had never listened to at least its voice. Solitary Mr.

called, me to the attention for some thing, and in the following vacations I discovered the reason. Playing in the street, without wanting I left my ball to fall in the house badly haunted, all said that solitary Mr. participates of the war and that he kept all the garnets and medals that found in the battlefields, but I could not lose my ball, was gaining it in a game of the Yankes and meant very for me. I breathed deep, I counted to all the steps until that house and was walking in its direction, per one minute I thought: – What I will go of speaking? – Please, it returns my ball, without showing ones to me of its garnet, without me to point a weapon? Good, it would have of saying some thing. I saw when me, it was there, beating to the door solitary Mr. One minute that seemed an eternity. But what I listened I was to the trembling voice of to one ordering to enter me gentleman, as inside needed somebody of that house so that it seemed more alive, a voice that demonstrated a weakness, almost an aid shout. When entering I came across myself with you vary photos, was as if of this to know a history, only for the order that they were. Then I perceived to the 12 years of age, that solitary Mr. was not a man who did not like nobody.