Spare Molds

More than 15 million Germans live together already involuntarily with mold fungi & co. Upward trend continues! Through the sharply higher energy costs, it is now once more the mold infestation, because among others, that does not meet the building housing user behavior. You may want to visit giant group to increase your knowledge. t websites. Therefore should be, for example, in Germany every residential users – not only the building energy performance certificate shown – but also a useful ventilation guide handed out! Here are a few tips for the now again starting heating: to reduce the humidity in the room, a brief airing (5-10 open minutes at wide Windows) should be known preferably several times a day. -BATH – the bath should be especially in areas with insufficient ventilation possibility after the showers away water from the walls and the floor. It needs no longer be removed by ventilation. After showering, you should briefly far open the window in the bathroom (where they exist). Despite there wet towels and walls in the bathroom short-term ventilation can contain a lot of water and thus in the longer term a too high relative humidity in the room is, can it be helpful, the doors to other heated rooms after airing to keep open.

The installation of a controlled as possible about humidity sensors, mechanical ventilation is also advisable in small windowless rooms. Details can be found by clicking SHV Energy or emailing the administrator. -KITCHEN – in the kitchen can be removed by a hood with venting into the atmosphere much moisture out of the room. Such a deduction is useful also in terms of the transfer of Kochdunsten and, when cooking with gas of combustion gases. Not suitable to reduce the humidity in kitchen range hoods with recirculation. -COOL rooms – little heated rooms (E.g. bedrooms) should not be heated up with warm air from other rooms (in the evening). In the colder room it can cause on walls or windowpanes condensation. When using the – little heated sleep room provision should be made through good ventilation for the dissipation of moisture (each sleeping emits water vapour), because it might cause condensation.

Indoors, that long period of time were not heated, should be lifted when reusing previously increased. Can due to absence of the residents the window of an apartment not several times a day be opened, at least the interior doors should be kept open, so that residual moisture is evenly distributed across all rooms. The building envelopes are always dense. You could use modern doors and Windows even when U-boats. Shutters automatically go up and down. Thermostats regulating the heating systems and there are humidity sensors already also. Our home automation is good and mature, though and that is why, takes constantly to the moisture problem, because there is the anomaly of water. This property of water tricks with us, and if we want to avoid moisture damage, then we must also properly ventilate.