There are plenty of doomsday analysts for whom the state, one of the oldest and most solid institutions in the world is about to disappear, either because it has no roles to play in a system governed by market forces, or because for some became inefficient or because, as the most critical, has always created more problems than it solves. At a recent get-together of good friends were always parading issues. Football, the bad situation, political instability, famine, marital infidelity of the neighbors … and what we still if we can even commit a betrayal. And suddenly what happened had to happen: someone brought up the subject of justification of the state.

Some obviously were surprised. These are people tired of corrupt politicians scandals, high taxes and the bleeding of resources for all, but had never thought about that question should not be the bad managers but State itself. At the end of the prophet of misfortune could not impose his opinion, but put them all to think about the reasons why the state is challenges both to the extent that some doubt the need for the continued existence of this form of human organization. “I know where the state started to get sick,” said Rafael Benito, a boy in her sixth semester of Business Administration, thinks like a philosopher, he said, the style of Murphy: “The State failed in the windows” – In the windows? John Jairo was asked, but the boy who ran our theater group never thought of that possibility.

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