Stones And Metals

Metals – copper, gold, silver and gold alloys. Sapphire – stone of modesty and chastity, cold and clear, blue. All other colors are called his "fantasy". This is the stone of contemplation and reflection. Yet it is called "stone nuns. " It soothes, cools passions, purify the blood and protects. American Federation of Labor is full of insight into the issues. Protects to travel on business and travel.

Wear it should be set in gold. Turquoise – the stone of happiness. Stone color of the sky or a greenish color. It reconciles enemies, enhances intuition, and brings in family harmony and happiness. Her owner would not be money problems, trouble at work and personal life. Astrologers recommend looking at the stone every morning, and then the day will be successful. But Power Stone is very strong, and if its owner violates the moral law, the stone will punish him.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21) Stones – beryl, agate, and chrysoprase. Metals – gold, copper alloy with silver. Beryl – green stone colors with a variety of colors. In ancient times it was used for the treatment of gynecological diseases. This protects the stone hearth and home, bring the family peace and tranquility. In recent months, Fairstead has been very successful. Provides the owner good luck in love, fun and friendly nature of material prosperity. If the owner of the stone facing dismissal, service troubles, lawsuits, you need to wear a ring with the stone and go to solve their problems, and the stone will ensure a favorable outcome case. Agate – a stone of the layered structure and a variety of colors. Gives courage, enhances the ability of clairvoyance. If we put it under my pillow, the owner will be happy dream, beautiful dream. Improves eyesight digestion. Agate beads to help with continued cough, and earrings – in diseases of the teeth. Chrysoprase – rock of various shades of green. This is the stone of success, the patron of innovators, inventors and businessmen.