The Contours

Among the razor with pivoting head can be found devices with different numbers of directions of motion. Mesh razor may also differ by the form and shaving the head. The company has come up with an arched Panasonic shaver head, through which the device shaves cleaner than the machine to the exclusion of any the possibility of injury. 3. Wet or dry shave? Another important parameter, which you should pay attention to when choosing electric shavers – the possibility of wet shaving. In today’s market are devices for Dry shaving apparatus with optional wet shaving. Razors of the first category are likely to be interested in those looking for a razor road, in this case, the function of wet shaving would be redundant and unused.

Shavers with the possibility of wet shaving are produced by virtually all manufacturers. They are likely to opt for permanent use, as they provide a comfortable shave and use. The advantage of these devices is that they are not afraid of water and are adapted for shaving with conventional foams. These razors are very convenient for everyday use, since after the procedure, the shaver can be washed directly under the tap water and store in the bathroom. In addition, the market offers electric razors for wet shaving with a reservoir with a dispenser for lotion or gel.

4. The presence of the trimmer for those who wear a mustache or beard to be relevant the presence of an electric trimmer to razor. Among the modern models of electric razors to trim (a device for cutting and trimming the long hair and hair) are fairly widespread. And the trimmer in the grid shaver can be floating or fixed, built-in or slide. Floating trimmer can cut, repeating the contours of the face. Built-in trimmer implemented as an additional blade razors in the grid, between the two Shaving foil. Sliding trimmer is a separate knife for the maintenance of a beard in order for trimming long hair, etc. For those who always wears a beard is better to choose a razor with a trimmer and a retractable possibility of changing the length of the hair clippers. 5. The battery or network? Also pay attention to what works on the Shaver mains or battery, or combine both. It is clear that the model is equipped with an additional battery is more convenient: you can take with you on the road to shave with it in any place and under any conditions. Included with these razors is a charger that can be in the form of non-contact support or be equipped with a cord. Cordless electric vary the size and speed capacity battery than the parameters above, the razor, respectively, more expensive and better. 6. Additional features and capabilities Having dealt with the basic parameters and characteristics of electric shavers, one can look for additional features and capabilities: Displays the battery charge level and its image. It can be represented simply as signal lights, or displayed on the LCD displee.Preduprezhdenie on the need for cleaning and general availability of the system under stress ochistki.Vozmozhnost settings in the network and how to configure: manually or . protection perezaryadki.Skorost motor (revolutions / minute). The presence of several modes of individual shaving. You can choose an electric razor.