The Market

So comes the wealth only through self-improvement, work on yourself. One millionaire said: "If you do not want to deprive people of money by force or deception, bring to the market value for that people themselves will bring you money on a tray with a gold kaemochkoy! "This is now engaged in all the leading corporations in the world. They invent something that people want and just. If the product is really valuable to man, it is not even need to advertise, is only just to show millions of people what it is and what it is and all. People will buy it, and he will give word of mouth. Advertising helps promote an excellent or good, or completely destroys unwanted goods. "The trouble is that people want to get ready, ignoring the performance of its functions.

As payment, the equivalent, he suggested that his faith in God, scientific and technical progress and a chimera – social justice. But faith is not confirmed by informed choice and its creative implementation in practice – it is static. To learn how to make an informed choice, staying in the dynamics, we must include the neocortex and connected to channel God. Only then can we begin to get the only thing that God has for each and give them without limits and restrictions – is that can not be repaid tips. " (An interesting example of clues – the movie "Destination") Another difference between a rich man from the poor and is higher than what he said.