Tim Berners

The evolution of the ways of register, leaving them inscriesem rock with clay, the wax board, the parchment, the papyrus, the paper, had culminated in digital devices, where the information is written in archives earmazenada by magnetic ways (Hard disks, Floppies etc.), optic ways (CDs, DVDs etc.) or ways of integrated circuits of memory (pen drives, cards of memory etc.). Beyond the storage, prominence must formacomo the kept data is located and reused. Buscadores emineradores of data onipresente, accessible of the grandemaioria of the devices with access becomes the information the great net (Internet). The pages of the Web, through which usuriostm access to the information and to other types of resources, is developed combase in a hipertextual structure. Ohipertexto is a writing form quepode, also, to be used in the paper. It consists of writing with links (associations), making with that aleitura can be given of nonlinear form. For Lvy (1993, P.

72 apud AQUINO, 2007, P. 2), ' ' to give sensible aum text is the same that to bind it, to connect it other texts, and, therefore, are omesmo that to construct one hipertexto' '. Still for Aquino (2007, P. 5) ' ' hipertexto in webrelaciona with the collective memory, therefore is the format that if used emconjunto for the users to register and to organize information, of formaconectada, will allow to the potencializao of this memria' '. According to Hunter (2006b), ' ' the organization doconhecimento in ciberespao 3, today, possvel from the indexation carried through for the search machines, that is, mechanisms of search and metabusca in the Internet' '. Currently, the software industry searchs criarferramentas capable to interpret the direction of what they compose the Internet, as announced by Trust W3, where the creator of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, salient to be part of the call ' ' net semntica' '. Although the estudosrelacionados ones to the Web-semantics not yet have proportionate programs quepodem to understand the direction of what it is looked, are notable the percebidano evolution dynamic world of the Web and, certainly, in a next future, novaspotencialidades will be materialize in the reality of internautas.