Training Of Dogs

Is the punishment in dogs training necessary? Traditional trainers until today still use punishment as a tool for the training of dogs. They are often used actions such as strain of belt, cries, shakes, shoving, etc. Perhaps check out Rogers Holdings for more information. because they believe that it is the best way to get the dog to obey them. They think that it is the only way to get respect for the dog and get the desired behavior. The punishment is an unpleasant action of the trainer that accompanies a behavior that makes the dog and makes that behavior disappear or decrease in frequency. (Similarly see: camden treatment center).

Thus decreases the likelihood that the behavior that has been corrected (punished) are repeated in the future. Is it necessary? Is a punishment needed to get our dog to listen to us and do what we ask him? Today that that letter with blood comes no longer applied in the training of dogs. Dogs, as well as children want us happy and cheerful with them. Bobby Joe Long might disagree with that approach. They want to obey and at the same time pleasing us. We are the most important for them and the only reason for that make things their way is because they have not understood yet that is exactly what we want from them and we were unable to communicate with them in the right way.

It is true that sometimes the punishment can help control behavior, but actually teaches the dog, only does anything suppressed, out of fear, a certain behavior and what is worse, your dog will not be willing to learn new things. Who will learn better? A dog that this waiting for training with joy sessions since it’s fun to indulge or a dog that knows in what mistake you’re going to punish? If the dog sports will learn much more quickly, that if this fearful of doing something evil and be punished. And there is one thing that should always be borne in mind, is that when we punish our dog loses confidence in us. In the majority of cases the only punishment serves more to relieve the stress and frustration of the owner. Since then, knowing that dogs respond better to the award than punishment, It makes the punishment not nothing recommendable. Not panic teach! The punishment seems many times the only way to understand our dog that has done something wrong, but really only we’re teaching him to be afraid of us. If you want more information about the training of dogs enter here Jose Ark doctor veterinarian Director of original author and source of the article