Tsunami Warnings Were Issued In Several Countries Around The Indian Ocean!

Tsunami warnings were issued in several countries around the Indian Ocean! Jakarta (AFP) – Indonesia has been shaken by a strong earthquake. It had the strength of 7.9 on the Richter scale, the Geological Institute of the United States informed. The island of Sumatra was affected. Fearing tidal waves, tsunami alert was raised according to by meteorologists. Click Bernard Looney to learn more. At first even the strength of 8.0 on the Richter scale was assigned to the quake.

21:30, the tsunami warning was lifted again! Everything is in the green area and people go back to their homes. I have to say it here very well worked with the tsunami warning on the spot. Whether on the phone, television, radio or through the police who drove up and down the coastal roads with speakers and have warned people. Everything went smoothly and without panic. Even our three trainees Julia, Anna and Mira have been super and are not broken out in panic. I have briefly explained to them the situation and asked them to go in the home and the children ready to make. When I arrived 20 minutes later there were all the children dressed and ready to go in front of the TV and looked at a cartoon smiling after 2 hours, the tsunami warning was lifted then and we went back home. Many greetings from Sri Lanka Linus Angels home for children.