Ulf Niklas

The practice of consulting fees in Germany stand still at the beginning. Only 16 percent of Germans know currently even a financial advisers, indeed offered honorary consulting. We want to change course quickly.” At the choice of the correct fee consultant, several factors were taken into account. As Stiftung Warentest have compiled this 2008 the main decision criteria for the customers in the February issue. We meet these criteria of course.”explains Ulf Niklas. But they offer the customers more, very important skills: a separate permit to operate financial services and thus immediately accompanied by the Detachment from a range einengenden MiFID and full independence the highest consultation qualification on the market: Ulf Niklas is a certified financial planner at the FPSB Germany e.

V.) “exclusive and so pure” fee consultation (without the unconvincing as a result combined with the plant operator) approved by the Chamber of Commerce and independent insurance consultation (with the necessary permission in accordance with section 34e Gewerbeordnung) just for insurance advice on a fee basis, we see enormous potential for growth. “explains to Stephanie Lehmann, by the Chamber of Commerce and industry – tested and approved insurance consultant. Only for more than a year of customer the advisors for insurance can distinguish two groups: on the one hand the independent insurance consultants who work exclusively on a fee basis, are paid directly by the customer, and on the other hand, insurance agents, insurance brokers or independent ‘ insurance broker, the all your Commission or Get brokerage fee from the insurance company. Although the advice is first free at them, but their fees are included in the posts and also refer to the actual term of the contract.” The election is so easy: as insurance consultants support the financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann his customers exclusively for their benefit. Our advice is commissions, brokerage fees, or other contributions of whatsoever by the insurance companies to take objective, neutral and in fact independently, because the admission is prohibited by us,”adds Ulf Niklas.