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market. If you would like to know more then you should visit London Stock Exchange. And the trend of the world’s biggest media market is palpable in Germany: consumers have more influence than ever and are still unpredictable for marketing professionals in. What seems like a nightmare for the industry, but also led to amazing success stories. Subsequently, Martin Gassner, CEO enters creation Interone Worldwide, the changed conditions of brand communication in German-speaking countries and identifies opportunities and risks. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili gathered all the information. A crucial question, measurement and metrics in difficult environments, how the old metrics for marketing success in this environment are still valid.

This discussion reach set titled ade? Successful brand communication in individualized mass media”Thomas Duhr, head of the AGOF, Ulrich Kramer, Managing Director of pilot as well as Lars Gibbe, consultant for ‘Media research and Committee work’ Organization of advertisers in the brands Association (OWM). The theme part measurement and metrics for successful brand management for Web 2.0 “takes place in collaboration with I-COM (International Conference on online media measurement) and gives navigational aids for decision makers in a chaotic media environment. Commitment is the need of the hour ‘ the effect of communication in the Internet unfolded only in the direct examination of the product, the service, or the company their whole force. The imperative for brands in the digital age means commitment ‘: commitment stands for employment, binding, dialogue, setting, and liability. “Concrete solutions for this brand engagement appear with the support of the Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC): Friedrich von Zitzewitz, Managing Director creation Plan.Net, explains in his lecture, it is time for an anti-authoritarian branding?” the impact of the digital revolution on the future of marketing and advertising. Other topics include “Emotional, digital brand and product presentation” by Mike John Otto, Managing Director blackbeltmonkey, as well as brandbuilding WebTV age”by Rainer Wiedmann: managing partner of aquarius consulting has analyzed this the best brands on YouTube. From the utopia to the concrete action motto Michael Moon (GISTICS Inc.), online marketing expert from the United States and author of the bestselling firebrands”demands of commitment drives even further: consumers, on the taste of the brand participation ‘ come, want the concrete development of products have: when customers once get a taste of real commitment, they want to let down breakfast is not.